Tuesday, July 8, 2008

PHiSH .75

As numerous fans had hoped, Trey Anastasio, Mike Gordon and Jon Fishman, all of whom were slated to perform at this past weekend's Rothbury festival, did indeed share some time together on stage. In addition, Anastasio hinted yet again at what may be in the future for Phish.

The guitarist opened his solo set (his first such public performance in 15 months) with "Back on the Train" and then delivered a set of music that focused on Phish songs including "Brian and Robert," "Farmhouse," "Sample in a Jar" and "Wading in the Velvet Sea."

Anastasio's performance closed out with a guest appearance by Phish bassist Mike Gordon. Gordon took the stage for two new original compositions by Anastasio and longtime collaborator Tom Marshall: "Backwards Down the Number Line" and "Alaska."

Before offering up the new tunes, Anastasio joked, “If only we could find a drummer and keyboard player," then added, “but it’s got to start with the songs, so you can be our test audience.” Gordon remained on stage for a set-closing "Chalkdust Torture."

As for the aforementioned drummer, shortly afterwards he stepped up for a guest slot along with Anastasio during the performance from Gordon's new band. At the conclusion of a set with the bassist's quintet, he announced, “I love my new band and I love my old band too” whereupon Anastasio joined the group for Max Creek's "Cruel World" and then a version of “Meat” that also featured Fishman at its close. The seven musicians then remained on stage for a cover of the Beatles’ “She Said She Said.”

Source: Jambands

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