Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jersey Rulez

Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi are competing for the title of this year's most successful US touring artist.

According to Pollstar magazine, both acts are expected to finish the year with ticket sales of around $70 million. Country star Kenny Chesney is also thought to be a strong contender to finish high on the earnings list.

The total is relatively small compared with previous years. The Police lead the way in 2007 with $132 million, while the Rolling Stones were the most lucrative touring artists of 2006 with $138.5 million.

Pollstar's Gary Bongiovanni blamed the credit crunch for dwindling ticket sales, stating: "The economy's got to be affecting everything."

Though the overall industry is down, there are a few bright spots, as sales of both digital albums and singles jumped up, and despite the sagging economy, the big-money touring industry hasn’t taken a hit.

Springsteen and his E Street Band kicked off the second leg of their US tour on Sunday and have already pulled in $40.8 million in ticket sales.


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