Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Adler: Four of us would 'love' GN'R reunion

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There's only one tour that could top the Thrash Big Four shows in terms of pure shock value, the original Guns N' Roses line-up cocked, loaded and ready to go. Well, it seems that if Steven Adler had his way jaws around the world would be hitting the floor sooner rather than later…

Adler told Billboard.com that four out of the five original guys would jump at the chance of dusting off some Appetite For Destruction-era classics. The only problem is that the ever-controversial, kilt-clad frontman Axl Rose is the one that isn't so enamoured with the idea of resurrecting the band's late '80s line-up.

The platinum-haired sticksman said, "I know the four of us besides Axl would love to do it. I know besides millions and millions and hundreds of millions of dollars that would be involved, I think if we played for the whole world, it would be such a relief ... like, 'God, they're finally playing!' It's what so many people really want, y'know?"

We're not holding our breath for that one, but forgive us for having a little daydream about it for the next few minutes ...

Adler's new band, Adler's Appetite, is in the midst of a 50-city North American tour, after which the group plans to record an EP with producer Anthony Focx, with sessions for a full album to follow at the end of the year.


Anonymous said...

I think Adler is probably still high from the 80's.
Begging and having no sense of reality by all means helps the situation. Fuck, I haven't heard izzy talking in favour of a reunion. Can you imagine Izzy playing a massive tour? I don't.

This also doesn't help the fans, Steven. By now, millions of fans worldwide grasp for hope and will fall flat when reality sets in.

Guns n' Roses are dead. Let's face it. It was dead when they stopped being hungry. It was dead when izzy left. Let us live our lives without constantly waiting for moves and guessing riddles and playing the blame game. It's over. The more i know what gn'r i think it was a miracle they stayed together for 4 albums.

Let us all grow up. I'm sure we all have better and greater things to do besides getting pimped out of our money in albums that are shitty but we keep believing are great. That goes to - into variable extent - Duff's Loaded, Slash and all of its incarnations, Izzy's 1 cut and it's done, and Axl's hired guns.

Now I'm ranting. Sorry for that. I've just had enough. Now i just gotta deal with the habit of coming here everyday :) and fix it!


Anonymous said...

yeahh steven, keep on drugs mothefucker!! if GNR reunite matt will be the drummer! not you patetic ass!

Anonymous said...

Matt had the complete false drum style for GnR! I saw saw GnR live with Matt and he ruined every song! Just because his drum style hasn't got the right spirit! It's just technical and powerfull but nothing else! And on a very subtile level Steven has one of the most tastefull drum styes in the whole history of Hardrock! And Axl lost his "collness" completely allready somewhere in 1990. I saw him in 1991 and allready there I didn't believed a single word he sang! I would love to see the old 80ties Line Up of GnR with a new singer or with just Duff and Izzy singing. Because the 80ties Backing Band Line Up of GnR was very very special and magick !!! Cheers Lele