Friday, July 30, 2010

TAB The Band to Open for Slash in Boston & NY

On Wednesday we announced that Taddy Porter would be opening for Slash at select dates on his North American tour.

Today, I found out - much to my delight - that a band I've been following for years is slated to open the New York and Boston gigs - and I'll be there! That band is: TAB The Band!

TAB the band formed in December 2006.

"What resulted was a ragged, hard rock band the likes of which has not been seen since 1974, but sounds like it could still be good in 2074."

Their music speaks for itself.

Go to their MySpace and listen to the songs - you'll know what I mean.

They sound like side 5 of Exile on Main Street, with elements of old Priest, Sabbath and Motorhead.

TAB the Band's MySpace
TAB the band

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stvyrayvhn said...

I'll be at both as well. Looking forward to it!!