Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Exit Laaaaars!"

via Blabbermouth recently conducted an interview with Tommy Stinson, who will release his second solo effort, One Man Mutiny, on his own 'Done To Death Music' label on August 30. An excerpt from the chat follow below. When you joined GN'R, was Axl aware of your background?

He knew about The Replacements. He told me that he and Del James had come to see us in some club, and they were not impressed. He and I both had a chuckle about the fact he wasn't a 'Mats fan and I wasn't a Guns fan. You've worked closely with Axl for a long time now. What's the secret?

You figure out after a while what battles are worth fighting for. That's the big thing. A lot of times, whether it's Axl or Paul or just about anyone, they'll tell you they want to hear what you have to say, but they really don't. So you've got to walk a fine line. You have to play the moment for what it is. Who has the wilder backstage scene: indie- or hard-rock bands?

Back in the day we were all young and imbibing, getting our cocktail on. Like with R.E.M. and X, we got hammered with those guys pretty good. But with Guns, I've played with Metallica. Lars Ulrich vomiting in your dressing room, that's pretty nasty. Him taking one shot more than he should have, then having Sebastian Bach singing, "Exit Lars! Exit Laaaaars!" as his assistant is carrying him out of the building. But that's a whole other story.

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