Tuesday, October 21, 2008

GNR Debuts New Single "Chinese Democracy"

"It's All Happening"

The title track from Guns N' Roses' new album, Chinese Democracy, will be available to download by US radio statios at 5AM Eastern Time tomorrow morning (OCT 22).

This marks both the beginning of Axl Rose's return to the world and the end of the curious saga of Chinese Democracy.

The faithful have waited for this moment for nearly a decade.

Rose first revealed the title of his upcoming album in November 1999 during an interview with MTV's Kurt Loder.

Since then, the album has cycled through at least 4 producers, and has had a veritable "Who's-Who" of talented musicians come and go.

Brian May, Dave Navarro, Moby, Sebastian Bach, and even Shaquille O'Neal are rumored to have worked on the album.

However, the "core" group of musicians consists of GNR veterans Axl Rose and keyboardist Dizzy Reed, along with guitarists Robin Finck, Buckethead, Paul Tobias, Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, and Richard Fortus, drummers Josh Freese, Bryan Mantia, and Frank Ferrer, bassist Tommy Stinson and multi-instrumentalist Chris Pitman.

Earlier this month it was reported that Chinese Democracy will be available exclusively at BEST BUY on Sunday, November 23, 2008 in the US.

Album art and a tracklist were posted to the retailer's site last week.

When Chinese Democracy is released, it will be Guns N' Roses first album of new material since 1991's Use Your Illusion I & II.

[EDIT: You can listen to the track here.]

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Anonymous said...

Gotta find a way to tune an american radio...gotta find a way to tune an american radio...gotta find...gotta..:)

Tell me something: this Paul Tobias guy is the same as Paul Huge, the supposingly replacement for Gilby Clarke that Duff and Slash (and Matt, but i don't give a damn about that one) hated?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm, at this very moment, listening to WAAF and they aired Chinese Democracy for the first time. Honestly: some leaks had better mixes. Nevertheless, it's a fucking KICK ASS song, with a strong edge to it.
And now these clowns are having this kind of forum, speculating about the way axl sings (he can't sing the same, he's old...). I don't think Gn'R are a single like band, and I'm waiting for the WHOLE album to say something.


Anonymous said...


listen on demand


Mack Arillo said...

Paul Tobias = Paul Huge

Mack Arillo said...


Keep checking NME.COM for a major Guns N Roses announcement later today.

Kevin Green said...

With less than a month to go until fans can judge the final product for themselves (pending approval of the album's artwork, which, Gould hinted, could have its own complications), the anticipation — and pressure — is most certainly high, especially considering early predictions that AC/DC's new album, Black Ice, could top 250,000 in first-week sales.


Mack Arillo said...

You can download the single here:


Anonymous said...

links are getting cut off and we can't see the whole thing....

Mack Arillo said...

Just highlight the whole link and then copy and paste it - It will work even though you can't "see" it.

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