Friday, October 17, 2008

Guns N' Roses: Attitude for Procrastination

I don't pretend to know what's going on behind the scenes regarding Chinese Democracy, but one thing's for sure - strange things are afoot at the BEST BUY.

For one, BEST BUY is advertising 3 different covers. Or was.

A couple of days ago they had SKU#s for Cover A,B and C.

Six SKU#s in all, 3 compact disc and 3 vinyl.

Now, Cover C is gone but there are even more numbers.

They've even changed the order of the tracklist and slightly altered the names of the songs ("Catcher" to "Catcher N' the Rye").

Any one else find it strange that GN'R waited until 2 days ago to search for an ad agency for this 15-years-in-the-making project?

Obviously, this behavior is nothing new for Axl Rose, a man who is most famous for showing up nearly 3 hours late for most of his live appearances.

You can even watch a new video at EQ TV where Brain talks about how his drum kit was set up for 5 years! When Brain would finish re-recording Josh Freese's drum parts he would go downstairs to find the rest of the band sitting around "watching cartoons."

And as of this morning, Interscope Records is setting up a newsfeed for GN'R on their official website. Huh?

So just when is Axl Rose going to make this thing REAL for us fans who have been burned so many times by actually confirming that the beast is coming out this year?

Well, HOPEFULLY, now that the Dodgers are out of the picture, Axl will get around to checking his email.


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Anonymous said...


Guns N' Roses released a statement Thursday on the arrest of a blogger suspected of posting songs on the Internet from the forthcoming Chinese Democracy:

"Presently, though we don't support this guy's actions at that level, our interest is in the original source. "