Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Huge Article in November Issue of Popular

This month it seems that finally a miracle has occurred and Chinese Democracy will be put on sale, so we had to celebrate this event by pulling out all the stops.

In the November issue of Popular you'll find a 26 page news article on Guns N'Roses!

Among other things, you'll be able to read the exclusive interview that Izzy Stradlin granted to us this year.

The always smooth and enigmatic Izzy told our correspondent Thiago Sarkis, why he decided to tour again with Guns N' Roses, how his relationship with Axl is at the present, what he thinks of Chinese Democracy, how often he communicates with Slash, Duff, Steven and Sorum, and the possibilities of the reunion which would make millions of fans happy.

Duff McKagan also comments to us about a possible reunion of the Guns N' Roses classic formation.

In addition, he tells Ignacio Reyo how he remembers the height of Guns N' Roses, he speaks of Scott Weiland's exit from Velvet Revolver, and gives his opinion on bands like Mother Love Bone, Alice In Chains, and Blind Melon.

Marc Canter, author of the most complete book ever published on Guns N’Roses, Reckless Road, talks to Fernando Tanxencias giving him access to thousands of interview from the first years of the band.

In one interview that lasted 80 minutes, Marc recalls fifty Guns N' Roses concerts from the band's early history and describes his relationship with Axl, Slash, Izzy, Duff and Steven in those years.

In another section of our magazine, Canter has given us almost 30 unpublished photos.

Some of them that appear only in miniature in Reckless Road, occupy a page or one double page in this issue, so lovers of the original Guns N' Roses will be sure to enjoy this article.

The writer Greg Prato has also granted to Popular two exclusive chapters of his new book on Blind Melon, A Devil on One Shoulder and an Angel on the Other, totally dedicated to the relationship between Shannon Hoon, Blind Melon, and Guns N' Roses.

Prato has interviewed a multitude of people near both bands (producer Mike Clink, Shannon's mother, Del James - friend of Axl and Shannon, etc) and analyzes in depth the relationship between the frontmen of the two bands, besides recalling the tour they did together.

Six pages of stories, as much for the fans of Blind Melon as for those of Guns N' Roses.

Source: Popular

Translation by: Mack Arillo

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Anonymous said...

Off Topic: Steven Tyler has been rehearsing with Jimmy Page, speculation about relpacing Robert Plant for the Led Zeppelin Tour is going on...
So much for the "reunion" hype...as far as gn'r are concerned, reunion without the original members (at least all of them except for steven)is all for the money...and i'd hate to see that happening with them.