Saturday, October 25, 2008

That Slash is a Class Act

Slash was interviewed this week on Boston's Rock station, WBCN, and managed to keep it classy despite the DJ's attempts to get him to trash any number of people they brought up.

Slash on Chinese Democracy:
"Yeah, that sounds cool - it's good to hear his voice. I don't have that kind of negative whatever - know what I mean?"
On Velvet Revolver's new heavier direction:
"We're not making any concessions to anybody - that's why we're being so picky about a new singer."
On his new solo album:
I'd like to think [it'll be out] sometime in the beginning of next year."
On Dr. Drew Pinsky:
"Dr. Drew's actually a real good guy - obviously I would say if I thought he was a shyster."

You can listen to the interview here.

Unfortunately the volume level is extrememly low on this one - pretty sad really for a radio station.

GN'R Reunion Starts ... soon?



Mack Arillo said...

Guns N' Roses MTS Centre
Winnipeg, MB December 7, 2008
Sunday 7:00 pm

Guns N' Roses Big Sandy Arena
Huntington, WV December 10, 2008
Wednesday 7:30 pm

Anonymous said...

any plans for europe?
with 13 billion deficit behind them, there's a lot of gig to be done...hopefully they'll come to portugal, i'm tired of leaving the country to see guns n' roses. Mack, do you know if management Gould and Irzhoff have a representative for european issues? I think i'm gonna flood someone's e-mail saying "please, please, please!" :)