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Gun was jumped on that one

Erm..........No, that's not what happened now though is it. Oh and before you or any of the mods hit the panic button, I would suggest you read the whole post and see if anything I say breaks any of the forum rules. The answer is no, obviously, so it will be interesting to see if this gets deleted/moved, etc. Mind, I would strongly urge that it doesn't.
Eric, I will not disclose any specific quotes from our conversation via emails and PM's - I will not ever disclose the purchase price, nor the monthly fees. I have morals and dignity and I would not do that to you. Wether or not you deserve such respect is, in my opinion at least, highly subjective. Maybe we should leave that decision to our forum members?

"Jumping the gun" - I'll start here I think.

You post a thread in the newswire telling everyone that the forum is closing in 24 hours time. Just so everyone is aware, this was the first I was hearing this news - No update in the mod section. Well, in your defense it's your forum you can do what you want I guess? I contact you and ask could I either help support the monthly fees/part fund the forum for a partnership as admin with you and you were clear. It wasn't the money and you would not consider me part funding and completely dismissed the opportunity for me to pay any fees towards the forum - which of course is strange because we now have learned that you have now accepted this offer from - wait for it, not someone who's been on this forum for over 7 years and had put huge amounts of effort and support into the place, not to mention my own donation(s) around 4 years ago - but from a "anonymous" person. Brilliant! You couldn't make this up, oh wait a minute, unless? No forget it, doesn't matter..

You then invite a bid to buy the forum, whilst you didn't specifically give me a figure you were looking for, you were kind enough to give me a figure for 'a similar venture' - So, a day or so later I offer a purchase price and a day later you accept. I also agree to pay all monthly server costs, licenses, etc, etc, the whole lot. Now here's the important part, at absolutely no stage did you ever indicate that you need either further thinking time or that you were open to other offers. It was just 'I accept your offer' - To further cement my strong security of your intentions it was made specifically clear to me that unless GNR bought the forum 'the next person I would only want to sell it would be you' - So, if I give you an offer and you accept and you only want to sell it to me, I think it's fair to say that was more than a decent and solid verbal agreement, no?

At no stage did you ever give me the view (either expressly, or even by suggestion) that you were considering my offer or that you needed time to think, or that you were considering other offers - That would have made perfect sense to me if you had done so by the way, I would have completely understood (and wouldn't be writing this post right now),that was until a few hours before you formally announced on the forum that the forum was no longer closing down and that an anonymous person had stepped forward to pay the monthly fees. I asked for 10 hours to finally put a few things into consideration before organising payment to you - One of which was to declare to our members that someone, who I later confirmed to be me, was prepared to keep the place running but we needed donations to see if the forum was going to be sustainable long term. I fully expected to loose money but I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to loose a significant amount and frankly given my offer of support to you and our forum members, I don't think that was an unreasonable request. You weren't keen but when I stated to you that without this insurance then the deal was going to be off, you quickly agreed to allow it to be posted. Another example, if needed, to show how keen you were on the deal (a deal, which never changed direction at all).

Of course I know now that by posting that thread it actually did me more harm than good - You became aware of the generous donation amounts posted publicly and this (at least in my honest opinion) 'turned your head'.

I was not free from guilt myself of course, I must at least admit that (you see, integrity actually means something to me). I did get excited and passionate at the thought of taking the forum over - I saw an exiting opportunity to change this forum positively for the better; More transparency, some exiting options for our 'supporters' (particular given their generous donations to keep the forum alive). With my un-named co-admin, we were coming up with some new and inventive ideas and through it all, I was determined that not only would I publicly inform members if I was "earning more than $1usd per month" and therefore asking them to STOP donating. If the site was going to turn profitable in the long terms, I would have paid members back their donations (largest to smallest in priority order). Again, honesty and transparency was the key strategy for me - The driver and motivation was the forum, our members, the band (new and old), would have finally put a stop to the bickering. So yes, I posted passionately on the forum and even then Eric, I stated in every single post I made was made up of the following statements:

"It's not confirmed yet"
"I'm waiting on Eric"
"I have not taken over yet"
"Offer accepted, waiting for confirmation"

So, how do you think I feel when I read I had "jumped the gun"? Well, that's now for our forum members to decide I suppose, right? I'm not perfect for certain and I respect every view good or bad and if any anyone agrees with the way you handled this situation, then I respect that view.

I know intentions were good, and appreciated..

Oh it's appreciated? Really? because that's news to me - You never once had a basic decency to thank me for the offer of keeping the forum alive (or least trying to do so). I don't know who this other person is (if indeed there actually is another person)? You haven't got back in touch with me since telling me the deal was on hold, so I apologise if this very public expression has upset you but you know what Eric, I did everything by the book in complete privacy (even when questioned by certain mods) and I still get screwed, so....?

There are two pieces of good news for you though! If you don't alter or try to defend this post, this will be my only post on this subject, both publicly and privately. Try to censor, burry, or defend your actions will result in further shit storms and potential further revelations - Your choice? Tick tock Eric, the karma clock is ticking!

Oh, the second is please accept this as formal notice of stepping down as a moderator on mygnrforum.
Mods and members thanks:

Far too many to mention, it's only right I thank Eric for the opportunity to post on this forum - That said, it was really madison that promoted me, whilst building up a firm relationship with her - That's another subject right there.

High', monty, zint and ER - Thank you guys so much. Don't want anyone to follow, just be happy and do what you're comfortable with.
God, received over X150 PM's and emails this week with so much support, thank you so much!! I did reply to every single one, personally and I promise I didn't copy and paste a single one!

Difficult to single any out but I guess, PM's which were particularly supportive were from: Spoon, Black Sabbath (who I never spoke to before this week!), Username, Mysteron, ron mexico, Leddy and so so many more - really touched, thanks again!

Finally (and I know this sounds desperate and slightly explotatious but still); in a week where I feel badly done to, reality kicks in as I continue to care for two sick parents. If you can find it in your heart to donate to the following charity: you'd be doing me a HUGE favour - They do such a FANTASTIC job!!! Alternatively, please sponsor or donate to your local cancer charity at home, perhaps? If nothing else, just click on the Website and read what an amazing job they do, please.

Thank you for reading, it was from the heart.


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