Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to the King of Beers (Duff)

The coolest guy on the planet.

Andrew "Duff" McKagan was born on this date, February 5, in 1964. Since then he has played on over 36 albums and is best known as the bass player for Guns N' Roses.

He wrote the GN'R songs "It's So Easy" and "So Fine."

Currently, Duff is rumored to be the bass player and writing partner for Jane's Addiction.

Duff will appear with drummer Dave Grohl on Slash's solo album, due out this April.

Happy Birthday Duff!


David Tomás said...

Happy fuckin' birthday motherfucker!!! :D

Anonymous said...

"The King of Beers...Mr. Duff Rose McKagan"

More than happy birthday, I'd like to congratulate Duff on getting his life on track. He managed to survive and rise above the ashes (from his liver!). He got a degree, he's healthy and grounded, a nice stable family situation. You gotta give him credit for it.

As it is usual in my country (don't know if it is a tradition elsewhere), I'd like to also congratulate Mrs.McKagan, Duff's mom: Some decades ago she was giving birth :)