Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Myles Kennedy Fronting Slash's Band

Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge) is going to be fronting Slash's band for his upcoming tour.

Slash will announce the other band members shortly.


slash said...

Myles Kennedy's Highs and Lows

skip to 2:25 and u know this tour will be epic

Mack Arillo said...

How's this sound for a possible lineup?

Slash - l.g.
Myles Kennedy - v.
Chris Chaney - b.
Travis Barker - d.
Keri Kelli - r.g.
Teddy "Zig Zag" - k.

slash said...

sounds good to me , i wouldn't mind Josh Freese either , but travis will bring more people to the show .

u should send that line-up to slash on twitter . said...

some more rock chinese related tunes, thanks

also on facebook 'freedom for china'