Friday, March 25, 2011

Analyzing the Official Band Drawing on

I see this as a clever artist's subtle way of showing his thoughts on the way GN'R is currently operated.

The cords wrapped around everyone (which are all connected to Axl's mic) seem to symbolize that Axl has all of the members bound and gagged.

Yes, Axl is tied up by the cords too, but that just symbolizes how Axl causes his own problems and limitations.

As you can see, the mic is placed next to his head, meaning he could untie himself since he has the end of the string. In other words, only Axl has the power to fix the problems he has bestowed upon himself. However, instead of doing what would be the most logical thing, and using the end of the cord (the mic) to untie himself, he seems to be attempting to force the cords off of him, which symbolizes how he attempts to force FakeGN'R on the general public.


Written by: bacardimayne


John McDevitt said...

Damn, that's pretty deep.

sebax said...

pure bullshit! this is a cool pic with no hidden message..stop flying!