Sunday, March 20, 2011

Suggesting a New Album on its Heels, GN'R Headlines Rock in Rio for Third Time
Axl's Chinese Democracy tour has stopped in Brazil six times in the last decade. This latest announcement suggests that a new album is on the way.


Anonymous said...

Needs more translationsssssssssssss

Anonymous said...

Erhhh, why does it suggest "a new album on its heels"?

If anyone needs a translation, i speak portuguese.


Mack Arillo said...

ard - do you really think axls going to rehash the same show he played their in 2001 and 2010? rio or bust new album a must!

Anonymous said...

yes, mack, i do. hope you're right and i'm wrong.


b071a608-5557-11e0-99b6-000bcdcb471e said...

I have to agree. I doubt there's an album...I hope there is though...

Manets said...

Rock in Rio 2 at '91 - Beggining of the Illusions era.

Rock in Rio 3 at '01 - Begginig of the ChiDem era.

Rock in Rio '11 - Begginig of the new era.

Guns N' Roses new era... every ten years, every Rock in Rio.

Anonymous said...

"Rock in Rio 3 at '01 - Begginig of the ChiDem era."

And then we only had to wait for another 7 yrs for the album to come out.

That's hardly the concept "on its heels", isn't it?

And you're forgetting RIR 2006 in Lisbon - and that's the 'nothing' era.

again, hope to be wrong

Manets said...

Rock in Rio 2006 was just a copy, an alternative version of the legendary original festival, which has after 10 years it's first edition this year.