Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dj Ashba talks about Slash

Very nice interview about Crue, and about how he joined GN'R. Dj talks about the next record, but also about Dj's early work (Beautiful Creatures, Bullet Boys, Addiction to Friction), the interview is about 25 minutes long....

This is what he says about Slash:

"(talking about Mötley Crüe): I knew I could bring something to the table, because I understood their music, I grew up on it. And I feel the same way with Guns. And Slash is, I grew up cutting my teeth on people like Slash, and I have the utmost respect for his guitar playing and his style and stuff. And I really feel like I get where he is coming from on that and so, you know, no one will ever replace him, and that's not why I’m here, it’s just to do, I felt like I could do the gig justice as far as staying true to the vision of where everything left off."

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