Friday, February 17, 2012

Steven Adler's Mother to Release Tell-All Book In April

via Blabbermouth
According to a recent tweet from Steven Adler, his mother, Deanna Adler, has signed a deal for her long-awaited tell-all book, Sweet Child Of Mine: How I Lost My Son to Guns N' Roses (formerly No Bed Of Roses). The book, which was previously expected to arrive late last year via HarperCollins, is now due in April.

During the last quarter century, Deanna Adler kept her diaries, journals, and personal letters, as well as a dozen scrapbooks and hundreds of photographs, putting them aside for safekeeping. Sweet Child Of Mine is her stunning book about raising her son, Steven Adler, and the travails of keeping him alive and herself sane.

Deanna's son has had a turbulent life in GN'R and afterward; he struggled with drug addiction, financial ruin after being kicked out of Guns N' Roses, and health problems that almost claimed his life several times — two heart attacks, a suicide attempt, and a debilitating stroke. Now, he appears to have finally beaten his epic twenty-year addiction to crack and heroin. But through it all, his mother was by his side. Deanna offers a window into the world of rock'n'roll and addiction while at the same time providing deep insights into her son's tortured years.

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