Friday, February 25, 2011

Axl's Thoughts on the Future of China and Western Society

What if you lived in constant fear... knowing that you could be arrested at any time without cause; without warning; thrown in prison; tried and convicted; sentenced with virtually no chance for appeal or reprieve; even executed without representation by a jury or family?

What if you were informed by the government that you and your family were allowed to visit your loved one in prison, but before you were allowed to do so, you were suddenly informed that without notice the State had them executed?

What if the degree of force brought against much less than minor misdemeanors - or outright innocence - was as extreme as for the strongest offenses and nearly a part of your every existing minute? What if you knew that a friend or a family member, a loved one, could be ripped from your life instantly with little or no recourse?

What if nearly everyone and anyone could literally be a government informant for information regarding remedial discussions in areas of human rights; Buddhism, Tibet, the Dali Lama, different systems of government, religion or spirituality or conversing about and with anything other than disdain for the way of life, government and commerce in western society? If you were born into such a predicament and circumstance, what would you do?

What if you felt so helpless and afraid that you were compelled to sell your own child you love because you cannot afford the financial penalty and other consequences due to China's 'one-child' rule?

What if your contact with the world outside your country was controlled by your government to the degree that you had no real awareness of even basic global current events? What if you lived in a country where the discussion of a word associated with the name of your country, such as "democracy," in any manner but disdain could bring severe consequences, what would you do?

In my opinion, on some level what obviously is an understatement, is that the true core of a multifaceted perception, and the reality of life for an entire country with the largest population in the world - and my particular focus - is that you would suffer... daily. Unless your mind and/or education could maneuver through the minefield of communist law enforcement and government bureaucracy, where the risk is so real and psychologically devastating that living in obvious fear and denial are nearly positive forms of action, reaction, and daily survival or protection for yourself and loved ones... You would see suffering and you may even choose to simply see suffering as a means of survival.

I have no disrespect for the People of The Republic of China whatsoever. In fact, for reasons I can't explain, I have a deeply rooted and firm respect, compassion and love for the Chinese people.

Our song, "Chinese Democracy," in its irreverence, is for positive purposes and communication with all segments of society; music fans (Guns N' Roses fans in particular) and, especially, the western media, to open a dialogue in areas not necessarily focused on both current events and global social responsibilities.

When I was fortunate enough to visit both Hong Kong and Mainland China, I experienced different levels of fear at all times in relation to the particular area I visited. I did not experience the fear in the sense of having feared for myself, I witnessed it in others everywhere around me, and kept my demeanor calm, observant and extremely polite. What I felt was emotional heartbreak. I've never witnessed so many individuals going about their lives in such a degree of visible fear, especially the average citizen in the spectrum of social, economic or social position. The military were nearby in some form or another, from one lone sentry to marching drill teams. It was not like a movie as it was much more extreme in the sense that this was real. I did not ask or talk about any of these issues with anyone in public.

The use of the two words "Chinese" and "Democracy" was intentional, though perhaps not in the way many may think. I do not purport to know what system of government is best for the people of China. I feel that the prejudice and closed mindedness of at least many outspoken Guns N' Roses fans seems to warrant an awareness of the realities of a constantly evolving and ever growing world where China continues to play an ever increasing role.

China, whether anyone likes it or not, will become more and more a part of our daily lives and an integral force to the future of our planet. To that, without acquainting ourselves to severe realities of China as a super power, with all she has to offer and brings both to the future and into our lives, this continuing transition will be less than pleasant and can go in diverse directions most would feel are either inhibiting, unacceptable or unconscionable. Yet, economics and government position could force us into accepting these conditions, as is the case now.

There is no way I can touch on all the issues important to such a subject here. Nor do I claim to be an authority or even knowledgeable of all the facts of China. What I do claim, as an ibhabitant of our world, that through my own eyes I have perceived a deep level of pain not evident in the average citizen in western society that is directly related to how the people in China are governed. Why would a government want their people to be under such a level of fear, stress and emotional bondage?

I do not entertain delusions that change will happen overnight. What I do know is that whether anyone likes it or not, China is coming and she brings an oppressive force with her beyond anything we have experienced in our daily lives and until we familiarize ourselves, it will be increasingly difficult for many. Tensions may prove much more taxing than need be and have many unsatisfactory conclusions.

Basic human rights are at the forefront of these concerns, not just for China but for the planet. The obligation to offer and maintain these rights for ourselves and all citizens of this planet is a responsibility shared by all. The request and plea is for the government of China to recognize that her people love her and give all that they must to see her survive. China can prosper, grow and thrive without the unnecessary level of fear instilled by the government and the intolerable degree of oppression, social and basic human rights abuse exercised by those in power.

Religious freedoms, those chosen by the people and not the government, and the recognition and respect of cultures and religions of others is imperative to both the health of the nation and the planet as a whole. Those who rule with fear in my opinion have a deeper and greater fear that rules them from inside (which must be addressed, diminished and steered in alternate directions), than those that form the basis for governing people who willingly seek to follow, fight for and love their country.

Please forgive me if I've said too much or you feel this is not my place or my business. As an inhabitant of our planet, I respectfully disagree as in my opinion this is our obligation to each other.

These are merely a few thoughts out of many to keep in mind as we move forward in this century. Thank you for taking the time to read some of mine.

All the best and God Bless,
Sincerely, Axl Rose

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bumblefoot Slams Internet Trolls Spreading False Rumors

via Blabbermouth
Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal has shot down as false rumors that his time in the band is coming to an end over his alleged dissatisfaction with his position in the group.

In a recent days, a number of unsubstantiated online reports have surfaced that have alleged Thal is "complaining DJ Ashba is getting paid more for each show" than Ron is, and that Thal is unhappy with the fact that certain other members of Guns N' Roses "had/have more to say about the direction of the band musically/performance-wise" than he does.

In a statement that was posted on the GN'R fan site Here Today... Gone To Hell!, Thal addressed the online chatter by saying, "Some trolls tried to get attention by starting rumors, as they had seen others get. I called a few out on it personally, smacked 'em down and their panties are still all bunched up over it, so they've been going to different GN'R fan sites, they create an account with an IP scrambler, post these fake stories, and then disappear. They're 1) trying to get me back for bruising their ego, 2) they're trying to mindfuck the *real* GN'R fans and make them lose faith in the band and bandmembers they've gotten to know over the years, 3) they saw someone else get a lot of attention in a similar scenario recently, and want some attention themselves, from fans, and from me. All they want to do is hurt the fans and the band. All the credible GN'R fan sites see it and have been deleting the silly posts by their own choice.

"Don't buy into it. Don't stand for it. And don't believe a WORD of it.

"If the people spreading this would like to come forward and show who they are, I'd be happy to bring them into a courtroom with a libel suit, and if they can prove their statements to be true, I'll cover all costs and whatever else. But that wouldn't happen, because every word of it is made up and that's why they don't stick around and remain in hiding.

"To any news sites that spread the rumors without fact-checking, that'll post anything any sociopath makes up and give it a platform, you need to do better.

"To sum it up, I have a life, you have a life, these particular trolls don't — they're just trying to tear us both down, because they're bitter.

"'All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.' (Edmund Burke)

"Don't give these people power, and don't do nothing. Find out who they are, and hold them personally accountable for fucking with you and the band.

"OK, back to making music, loving my band, my family, the fans, and looking forward to seeing you all as soon as possible."

North American Tour Dates (Rumor)

*Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy 2011 North American Tour Dates:

April 7 - Atlanta, GA Arena at Gwinnett Center
April 9 - Orlando, FL UCF Arena
April 10 - Tampa, FL St. Pete Times Forum
April 12 - Raleigh, NC RBC Center
April 13 - Columbia, MD Merriweather Post Pavilion
April 15 - Uniondale, NY Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
April 16 - Boston, MA TD Garden
April 18 - Newark, NJ Prudential Center
April 20 - New York City, NY Madison Square Gardens
April 22 - Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun Arena
April 23 - Pittsburgh, PA Petersen Events Center
April 24 - Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center
April 28 - Detroit, MI Palace of Auburn Hills
April 30 - Toronto, ONT Air Canada Centre
May 5 - Cleveland, OH Quicken Loans Arena
May 7 - Milwaukee, WI Marcus Amphitheater
May 8 - Chicago, IL Allstate Arena
May 9 - St. Paul, MN Xcel Energy Center
May 19 - Vancouver, BC Rogers Arena
May 20 - Seattle, WA KeyArena
May 22 - Portland, OR Rose Garden Arena
May 23 - Boise, ID Taco Bell Arena
May 25 - Salt Lake City, UT Energy Solutions Arena
May 26 - Denver, CO 1stBank Center
May 28 - Dallas, TX Verizon Theatre
May 29 - Houston, TX Toyota Center
May 30 - Austin, TX Frank Erwin Center
June 3 - Phoenix, AZ Comerica Theatre
June 5 - Los Angeles, CA Nokia Theatre

Dates are subject to change, more dates to follow.

*Not for official release.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Axl's 25-Year Plan

Tactics Are the New Strategy

Strategic management can be a huge time drain for managers. Why not just ditch the conventional wisdom and go with your intuition in order to innovate once in a while?

Axl Rose is too strategic.

Like many managers who get lost in pursuit of excellence, the Guns N' Roses front man labored for 15 years producing the band's sixth album, Chinese Democracy, to mixed reviews and sales. While the album did well Internationally, was all the time and effort worth the ROI? When recording began CD's were popular. It was released to a world of Pandora, Spotify, and Rdio.

Conventional wisdom states that strategy is what matters. Managers devote an excessive amount of time developing, researching, and validating their strategy. But strategic development can also be a huge time drain. Companies get sucked into a strategy vortex and lose focus on their customer, culture, and their competition. Or they strategize too far out into the future, instead of maximizing the here and now. By the time their strategy is implemented, the market has moved elsewhere.

Those who are strategy-laden often ignore a real-world truth today. Strategy is tactics — and tactics are strategy. The Great Recession forced many corporations to throw out the old rules and experiment. And many built sales and strengthened their strategies through tactical execution. Let's look at three examples.

While researching our book Spend Shift, we noticed in Young & Rubicam Brands's quarterly panel of 16,000 consumers in BrandAsset Valuator, which examines 40,000 brands around the world, sharp increases in customer desires for "kindness and empathy" (an increase of 391 percent) between 2008 and 2010. This was the largest movement of an imagery attribute ever in our data collection. And it came at a time when trust in corporate behavior declined by 58 percent over the same time period. Customers were essentially telling companies if you want to sell to me, you better understand my life. They wanted companies to be good citizens and regard them as people who matter, not just consumption machines.

At the same time Hyundai launched its buyers reassurance program. The idea was simple: If you lose your job, you can return the car. Hyundai struggled to compete in the American marketplace. Yet with this tactic, its market share increased to 4.3 percent in the first ten months of 2009 from 3.1 percent in the same year-ago period. In September of 2009, while the industry suffered a 22 percent sales drop, Hyundai grew by 27 percent, according to Advertising Age, which named Hyundai "Marketer of The Year." And today in our BAV data, Hyundai is 24 percent more trustworthy, 26 percent higher quality and 17 percent friendlier. Hyundai's simple gesture had run headlong into the cultural zeitgeist of empathy and the market responded.

Like Hyundai, Walmart had its share of challenges. In 2008, its corporate image correlated with Exxon, Halliburton, and AIG in our data. It also responded with tactics, including its Eleven Moms program. Realizing mommy bloggers were the new 'soccer moms' in culture, Walmart asked them to act as an informal advisory board. Along with food labeling and local food sourcing, Walmart's brand image began improving. Today, Walmart is 40 percent healthier, 30 percent more energetic, and 22 percent more different.

Long associated with the decline of Detroit, Ford's resurgence came from improved quality and a renewed focus on economical and green cars. Ford's pre-crisis financial restructuring also helped it avoid Chapter 11 and provided a tactical opportunity. In our BAV polling, 56 percent of Americans said they would not support a company who took bailout money. So while GM and Chrysler were on Capitol Hill, Alan Mulally's 2009 keynoted at CES to tout its Microsoft Synch technology platform, and I wrote a post that week from Las Vegas suggesting this might bring Ford back. And in two years, brand asset value data shows that Ford is 36 percent more unique, 36 percent more intelligent, and 30 percent more innovative.

In each instance, tactics moved markets. That's because in the tug of war between strategy and tactics, they are really one and the same. A sailboat tacks (that is, changes direction) to maximize the benefit of the wind, but it keeps its destination-point fixed. Similarly, a defined strategy needs tactics to reach its destination faster. Tactics also provide tangible evidence of progress to the organization. It makes the strategy (and change) visible and real. And when strategy and tactics are intertwined, a manager can exploit competitive missteps, address crises proactively, and capitalize on ideas that emerge from cultural shifts. Learning is a byproduct of action, not inaction.

Science provides evidence that action is a trait of the most highly successful managers. Weston Agor, professor of public administration at The University of Texas at El Paso, conducted intuition tests on more than 10,000 executives. "The higher the level of management, the higher the raw ability to intuit solutions, and the more reliance placed on intuition," Agor concluded. Other researchers confirm that experts rely on their instincts during stressful situations. Chief Scientist Gary Klein studied men and women working in intensive care units, Black Hawk helicopters, fire stations, multimillion-dollar corporations, and M1 tanks. He found that these expert decision makers, from veteran firefighters to battle-tested software programmers, are unable to explain how they make decisions. "Their minds move so rapidly when they make a high-pressure decision, they can't articulate how they did it," Klein said. Instead these individuals react immediately, using instinct as a guide.

Managers should realize they've actually encoded the skills needed for fluid real-time management and should trust them more often. Instead of becoming prey to consultants and their three-year projects, they might instead do something small that might become gigantic. Act accurately, but by all means, act.


Monday, February 21, 2011

New Bumblefoot Interview


Hi. I hope all is well with you. My name is BBA (short for bring back adler) and I am an active member of the Guns N' Roses online communities. I will get directly to my request and ask that you grant me a twelve question interview. If you would agree, it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED not only by myself, but the rest of the GN'R fan community.

As you read through my questions, please know that I am not attempting to be sarcastic or condescending with the questions that I asked (below). I understand that some of the questions may seem somewhat blunt, but they are questions that are frequently discussed and debated in the communities.

Again, I would greatly appreciate the consideration. If you should agree to participate, I know that it will provide some much appreciated insight to the fans.

Thanks for your consideration.



Guns N' Roses is one of the most wanted reunions of all time. How does that make you feel?

You have to admit, based on comments made, the members in today's Guns N' Roses seem to have absolutely no clue what is happening with the band. Why is that?

Do you view Guns N' Roses in 2011 as a cover band? Can you understand how some would?

In a nutshell, why was there no US tour in 2010 or thus far in 2011? If you would, please elaborate some beyond it just being "business stuff".

It is widely theorized throughout the Guns N' Roses communities that all members who sign on as an employee of the band are required to sign a confidentiality agreement / "gag order". Is this true?

Why won't Axl put out the remainder of the Chinese Democracy session material? Supposedly there were "dozens" of songs recorded over a several year period. Is it just a matter of the material not being any good?

If Slash walked on to an elevator that you and Axl were riding, how would you see that scenario playing out? Seriously.

Have you or any of the other members of Guns ever confronted Axl about the late show starts? If not, why? If so, how did that turn out?

Do you see the current lineup of GN'R ever recording an album of original material together? Most forum dwellers don't ever see it coming to fruition. Ever.

Are the current members of GN'R payed a retainer during the years of inactivity? If you don't want to speak on behalf of other members, are you payed a retainer during the years of inactivity?

Current GN'R fans are viewed as some of the most abused fans out there considering how little the band communicates with them. By communication, I'm not talking about you or Fortus discussing the type of guitars that you play. I'm talking about actual news regarding GN'R tours and music releases. Why don't you feel like it is your place to communicate "band" information when you are in fact a member of the band?

Have you and the other current members of GN'R (Axl included) ever been in the recording studio at the same time? If so, was there any output? If you guys never have been, in your opinion, why not?


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An Alleged Look Inside Axl's Laptop! 101 Documents!

Metal Sludge
Metal Sludge has received a list of everything that is alleged to be on the "memory stick" that Mister Saint Laurent has claimed to be in possesion of.

001. Sheng Tang Music Festival PDF

002. DJ Ashba's contract

003. June 2010 Axl email dissolving GNR

004. December 2009 Axl email dissolving GNR

005. Doc's 2011 plan powerpoint

006. Better_Gone.mp3

007. January 2010 Caram Castanzo email about bonus tracks

008. November 2010 Axl email bitching about Bumblefoot

009. January 2011 email about cutting everyone's pay (part 1)

010. January 2011 email about cutting everyone's pay (part 2)

011. Chinese Democracy band member payments and recoupment

012. Chinese Democracy band producer charts

013. January 2010 Axl email complaining about Dr. Dre

014. October 2009 Axl email to Bumblefoot about Duff rejoining

015. December 2009 Brain email submitting Better remix to Fernando

016. Better video treatment v1

017. Chinese Democracy World Tour Income & Expenses

018. 2009 Band Rehearsal Expenses

019. Tour Income & Expense Summary Production rehearsals (11/09)

020. Chinese Democracy video treatmeant

021. 2010 Europe Leg #2 Budget Summary

022. Geffen Records contract for Second Album (January 2007)

023. Street of Dreams video treatment

024. January 2009 email discussing possible replacements for Robin

025. January 2010 email discussing new versions of Knockin' on Heaven's Door

026. January 2011 Caram Castanzo email complaining about back pay

027. July 2010 email outlining 2011 tour plans, including co-headliners

028. Better video treatment v2

029. June 2010 Caram Castanzo email about bonus tracks & second album

030. Robin Finck Resignation Letter (part 1)

031. Robin Finck Resignation Letter (part 2)

032. Robin Finck Resignation Letter (part 3)

033. July 2008 Axl letter to Robin about leaks

034. September 2008 Axl email about Slash, reunion, old members, etc. (part 1)

035. September 2008 Axl email about Slash, reunion, old members, etc. (part 2)

036. September 2008 Axl email about Slash, reunion, old members, etc. (part 3)

037. September 2008 Axl email about Slash, reunion, old members, etc. (part 4)

038. September 2008 Axl email about Slash, reunion, old members, etc. (part 5)

039. September 2008 Axl email about Slash, reunion, old members, etc. (part 6)

040. September 2008 Axl email about Slash, reunion, old members, etc. (part 7)

041. September 2008 Axl email about Slash, reunion, old members, etc. (part 8)

042. September 2008 Axl email about Slash, reunion, old members, etc. (part 9)

043. September 2008 Axl email about Slash, reunion, old members, etc. (part 10)

044. September 2008 Axl email about Slash, reunion, old members, etc. (part 11)

045. September 2008 Axl email about Slash, reunion, old members, etc. (part 12)

046. September 2008 Axl email about Slash, reunion, old members, etc. (part 13)

047. January 2008 Shanghai and Beijing festival offers

048. January 2008 Axl email about how many albums to release (part 1)

049. January 2008 Axl email about how many albums to release (part 2)

050. February 2007 lawsuit threat from fan hit with mic (part 1)

051. February 2007 lawsuit threat from fan hit with mic (part 2)

052. December 2006 letter threatening to sue Zakk Wylde

053. December 2005 Slash email threatening photographer

054. April 2006 Axl Rose tour rider

055. November 2009 Axl Rose letter to Irving Azoff about Beta, reunion, etc (part 1)

056. November 2009 Axl Rose letter to Irving Azoff about Beta, reunion, etc (part 2)

057. November 2009 Axl Rose letter to Irving Azoff about Beta, reunion, etc (part 3)

058. November 2009 Axl Rose letter to Irving Azoff about Beta, reunion, etc (part 4)

059. November 2009 Axl Rose letter to Irving Azoff about Beta, reunion, etc (part 5)

060. November 2009 Axl Rose letter to Irving Azoff about Beta, reunion, etc (part 6)

061. November 2009 Axl Rose letter to Irving Azoff about Beta, reunion, etc (part 7)

062. November 2009 Axl Rose letter to Irving Azoff about Beta, reunion, etc (part 8)

063. June 2008 Beta letter about who deserves credit for Sweet Child O' Mine (part 1)

064. June 2008 Beta letter about who deserves credit for Sweet Child O' Mine (part 2)

065. June 2008 Brain email about which producers deserve credit

066. June 2008 Axl email complaining about Tommy siding with Roy over Caram

067. June 2008 Dizzy email about which producers deserve credit (part 1)

068. June 2008 Dizzy email about which producers deserve credit (part 2)

069. June 2008 Dizzy email about which producers deserve credit (part 3)

070. January 2008 Fernando email listing Axl enemies / Slash allies

071. January 2008 Sebastian Bach email about entering rehab

072. February 2010 Axl email making NY plans

073. October 2004 Beta email to Merck about how to trick Axl, Slash lawsuit, etc (part 1)

074. October 2004 Beta email to Merck about how to trick Axl, Slash lawsuit, etc (part 2)

075. October 2009 Axl email about Duff wanting back in and people wanting Tommy out (part 1)

076. October 2009 Axl email about Duff wanting back in and people wanting Tommy out (part 2)

077. October 2009 Axl email about Duff wanting back in and people wanting Tommy out (part 3)

078. October 2009 Beta/Dizzy conversation about everyone wanting Tommy out

079. December 2008 Axl letter about why he's always late (part 1)

080. December 2008 Axl letter about why he's always late (part 2)

081. December 2008 Axl letter about why he's always late (part 3)

082. February 2007 Unpaid studio and producer invoices

083. March 2009 email outlining the tour dates with Van Halen

084. March 2006 Band and crew rehearsal payroll

085. August 2009 Dizzy email begging for update from Beta

086. February 2010 Financial guarantees for each European festival in May (part 1)

087. February 2010 Financial guarantees for each European festival in May (part 2)

088. May 2010 unpublished Axl tweet giving his side of the story re: Azoff (part 1)

089. May 2010 unpublished Axl tweet giving his side of the story re: Azoff (part 2)

090. May 2010 unpublished Axl tweet giving his side of the story re: Azoff (part 3)

091. April 2010 Income and Expense summaries Asia/Canada/South America (part 1)

092. April 2010 Income and Expense summaries Asia/Canada/South America (part 2)

093. April 2010 Income and Expense summaries Asia/Canada/South America (part 3)

094. April 2010 DJ Ashba email to Doc about Axl wanting to fire DJ

095. April 2010 Axl email dissolving GNR and insisting DJ Ashba be sued

096. January 2008 Axl letter about his feelings on Velvet Revolver (part 1)

097. January 2008 Axl letter about his feelings on Velvet Revolver (part 2)

098. January 2008 Axl letter detailing his uncensored thoughts on Slash

099. January 2008 Axl email about which songs should be on second album

100. "The Honor of Thieves 2" - Axl book about the break-up of GNR

101. December 2010 Doc email about Tommy refusing to play in Abu Dhabi

For now, we don't have these alleged documents, but our source seems to be spot on with other leaks. Who knows? Rumor from these resources claim that multiple news outlets and related GN'R parties, legal and otherwise are hot on the tip to keep a lid on the real contents of this alleged memory stick.

Shit is about to get flung fast and furious like a microphone stand on stage!

Stay tuned...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Taking Dawn Frontman says Axl Ejected Adler from GN'R Show
Taking Dawn frontman Chris Babbitt has revealed he was asked to throw Steven Adler out of a Guns N’ Roses concert by Axl Rose – but he says it was something he did with a heavy heart.

Babbitt was working as security at a GN'R show in his home city of Las Vegas a few years ago when he was ordered to turf original Guns drummer Adler out by the Rose.

Chris Babbitt says, “I like the new Guns N’ Roses. Their new record had a lot of good songs and some killer solos. People knocked that record just because it wasn’t the old Guns N’ Roses and I think it’s cool to knock Axl because he is such a dickhead.

But then plenty of people are dickheads. He is who he is and he doesn’t try and make excuses. I worked security at a show in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel where he had us kick out Steven Adler.

Adler had bought a ticket for the show but Axl picked him out of the crowd and came off stage saying I’m not playing unless you get that motherfucker out of here.

I was with the entourage that did it and a couple of us were asking if we really had to do it. Adler just said ‘Ok, that’s a shame. If he feels uncomfortable I don’t want to ruin his show. Can I get a refund?’ He didn’t put up a fight or talk any shit either and we gave him a refund without any problem.

I don’t get why he did it but that’s personal between them. We toured with Slash in the States and he was the best dude on the planet. He was so nice to us and he didn’t even have to talk to us.

He [Slash] is the real deal rock n’ roll and when he is gone I don’t know who is rock n’ roll any more.”

Steven told the same story to Nicole Powers, last August:

Nicole Powers: When did you last see Axl?

Steven Adler:
About three years ago in Las Vegas. He was doing a show there so I wanted to come and maybe, hopefully try to get to see him. So I went to the show. It was at the Hard Rock. I walk in and a hundred people realized I was there and came and wanted autographs. So Axl's manager, he comes over and says, "I don't want Axl to get upset. I think maybe you should leave." I said, "No problem. Tell Axl that I love him, and that I miss him, and that he looks great."

So I go back home, I'm opening my door and my phone's ringing. I answer and it's [Axl's manager]. He says, "Stevie, I'm so sorry. Come back. Axl wants to talk to you." So we hung out 'til six in the morning drinking a three thousand dollar bottle of tequila. We talked and we apologized, we made amends with each other. It was great. Nobody blamed anybody.

i know that many of you are disappointed that some of the people that you came to know and love could not be with us here today

I know that many of you are disappointed that some of the people that you came to know and love could not be with us here today.

Regardless of what you have heard or read, people worked very hard - meaning my former friends - to do everything they could, so that I could not be here today.

I say: Fuck that.

I am as hurt and disappointed as you that unlike Oasis, we could not find a way to all get along.

So, I will begin to introduce the new band who have worked very, very, VERY hard to come and see you today.

This is my friend Paul ... Tobias. He has worked through the darkness, underground, for the last seven years to be able to be here today. I think this makes his fourth or fifth show altogether in his life.

Without Paul ... ... there would be no more Guns N' Roses.

Along with Paul, the only man from the old lineup who stayed loyal and worked hard everyday is on the keyboards, Mr. Dizzy Reed.

Well, so much for the past - this is "Live and Let Die"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

“Original” Guns N’ Roses in Talks for Next Year’s Super Bowl Halftime

KENT has been told that preliminary talks have already taken place to reconvene the most popular lineup of Guns N’ Roses to turn Indianapolis into Paradise City. Gun N’ Roses might be the only rock band with it’s members still living that hasn’t played a Super Bowl halftime show that could generate a real sense of excitement for what this year became a devolving mess.

After a significantly lesser halftime show this year with the overexposed Black Eyed Peas with Usher (who had to cancel a bar mitzvah appearance) and Slash from GNR, the NFL is looking to make a splash, and reuniting Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagen, either Steven Adler or Matt Sorum, and Dizzy Reed.

Nothing like a 30-minute trip to the fridge for another beer or three, knowing that you won’t miss anything relevant. Oh, how those ad agencies must have thrilled to the news that the Black Eyed Peas were willing to take the time away from their endless tour of talk and award show appearances to sing “I Gotta Feeling” for the 724th time on network television in the last 16 months. They could have gotten the same audience and performance for the cost of an Oprah show :30.

The halftime show of the Super Bowl tried to top itself each year with spectaculars until Justin Timberlake unsheathed Janet Jackson right teat and America overreacted like the crowd had been napalmed. Since then, it’s been rock backs and icons – until this year when evidently the B-52s were unavailable.

The Beatles – half dead, and McCartney did it. U2 – did it. The Clash – Joe Strummer dead. The Police – terrible reunion tour. All southern rock bands – mostly dead. Nirvana – one-third dead, one third in the Goo-Goo Dolls, one third MIA. Pearl Jam – too niche. Phish – way too niche, plus football on shrooms is no fun to watch. That leaves Justin Bieber and GNR, and if Bieber ever performs at a Super Bowl, I hope I’m there to take a bullet to stop the show.

Hopefully, Axl (the Indiana native) is on his meds, and agrees to do the show. It’s always a shame when a great band lets squabbles put a premature end to their creativity and ability to thrill an audience. GNR is long past its creative peak, but for 12-minutes, I would sit still in front of a TV to watch them rock.

Talks are still in the very early stages, and it may turn into nothing, but it’s good to know that at least someone is thinking clearly at the NFL.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Slash Teams Up with Supra

SUPRA Footwear
Slash has partnered with Supra to create these one of a kind pair of Skytops, which he wore at Super Bowl XLV during the halftime show with the Black Eyed Peas.

The sneakers play off of Slash’s love of snakes boasting a black leather and faux snakeskin upper combination.

Super Bowl XLV Halftime Show

Slash joined the Black Eyed Peas for a rendition of "Sweet Child O' Mine" at Sunday night's Super Bowl XLV.

You can watch video footage of his appearance below.

for ard ;)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Axl Rose Shoots Down Rumors Of GN'R Tour, Album Relaunch

vian Twitter
Contrary to anyone's claims there are no concrete plans nor were there ever for a tour, a relaunch or sponsors (n' certainly not to replace anyone in the band) beyond a collection of random ideas thrown out by various individuals w/out any real foundation or negotiations in place other than our prior involvements (which wouldn't take a rocket scientist to put together). And 4 the record Doc McGhee is no longer involved w/either myself or GN'R.

N' b4 it's twisted "prior involvements" has nothing to do with old GN"R.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Tommy Stinson: "Axl Has Not Fired Me as of Yet"

via Tommy's twitter account:
In case anyone was wondering... Axl has not fired me as of yet, and i have not quit GNR. Let's not start running amok here.
Of course, rumors of Tommy's exodus from GN'R are nothing new. Less than two months ago, Tommy tweeted (on the eve of GN'R's final gig in Abu Dhabi):
being pushed to the end of ones rope for so long will make you a good climber,or road kill. i'm gonna find a new tree

maybe just a new rope will suffice

i'll shovel snow before i shovel anymore horseshit...
Two months before that, there was the Dublin incident, where Tommy reportedly left the stage for almost 45 minutes. A source witnessed Stinson in a heated argument with road manager Del James, where Stinson was heard to shout:
That's my fucking family up there and he put us in danger again.

He can't keep doing this. Nothing happened this time, but next time we might not be so lucky.

This has to stop.
This past November, Tommy released the track, "One Man Mutiny," which "was inspired by a conversation between ... tour manager Del James, Richard Fortus, and [Tommy Stinson] somewhere in Ireland ..."

Rumors and Guns N' Roses go hand-in-hand. Tommy has been "quitting the band" since at least 2006:
In the past I have thrown my bass. I have never thrown it at Axl or anyone else in the band nor has anyone thrown my bass back at me ... yet.

Axl has been a dear friend to me for nine years. We have no problem communicating and wish that people would stay the fuck out of shit they don't know anything about.

There was no GN'R mutiny or any such thing after the ... gig and as far as I'm concerned this tour has been the most fun yet. The band is playing great and getting along better than we ever have. With that said, either get on board or fuck off.
Stinson to quit Guns N' Roses?
GN'R Plans for CD Reissue, US Tour & the Return of Duff?
New Song Featuring GN'R Members Available For Free Download

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

GN'R Plans for Chinese Democracy Reissue, US Tour & the Return of Duff?

Metal Sludge
Hot rumor is that Axl Rose has fired Doc McGhee.

Very interesting. Word on the street for a few days has been that Doc McGhee was going to be fired as GN'R manager. Now it seems like that rumor just might have become a fact.

Insider talk has Jeff Kwatinetz of Prospect Park (formerly of The Firm) fingered as the new shot caller for GN'R in the way of management.

Read more here and here.

Sludge is hearing that the popular UK magazine Classic Rock is offering a solid near 6 figure payoff of ca$h money to Mister Saint laurent for his GN'R memory stick of personal documents. This includes an alleged Axl Rose autobiography, his personal emails, contracts for Dj Ashba, the good, bad & ugly:
On December 16, Guns N' Roses took the stage in Abu Dhabi to cap off the most recent leg of the never-ending Chinese Democracy World Tour.

On December 15, Guns N' Roses manager Doc McGhee was informed by members of the band that Tommy Stinson did not intend to take the stage.

And now, on February 2, those same band members find themselves uninformed, unpaid and searching for the same answers as the rabid GN'R fanbase ...

What is next for Guns N' Roses?

Answering that question is nearly impossible and Doc McGhee is just the latest in a long line of managers learning first hand that no matter what you have planned, at any point, W. Axl Rose may take his ball and go home.

While McGhee refused to comment for this story, documents recently received by reveal a very thorough and dedicated plan to re-market Chinese Democracy in the US later this year.

A full North American arena tour and Best Buy exclusive reissue of Chinese Democracy would both launch on March 29. The tour would run through May 17 and hit 30 markets, including NY, LA, Vegas, Ft. Lauderdale, Boston, Detroit, Toronto, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Tampa, Philly, DC, Denver, San Jose, Calgary, Winnipeg, Omaha and Houston.

The album reissue would contain new artwork and a second disc containing bonus material. In addition to remixes of tracks from the album, the bonus disc would contain a new song "Blood in the Water" as well as a new version of "Better" featuring Dj Ashba, which would serve as the radio single for the reissue.

All of this would be announced February 7, with a secret show the day before the Super Bowl (February 5) at The Lodge in Dallas. Yet, it's February 2 and those in the GN'R camp that were willing to speak to insist they have not received any airfare or itinerary.

While nobody would dispute that a very disappointed Axl Rose has holed himself up at home once again, most agreed he was justifiably upset.

"When we got back to the states, we expected Doc to have a US tour ready for us," said one member of Guns N' Roses that spoke with "When we found out things were still up in the air, everyone was deflated, but Axl took the news the worst," he continued.

But why is Doc McGhee having so much trouble finalizing a North American tour? Multiple sponsors have already signed on, including John Varvatos, Bloomingdales and Deleon Tequila. Companies such as Monster Energy and Harley-Davidson have had discussions with GN'R as well about sponsoring a tour.

The answer may very well lie with Axl's previous manager, the mega powerful Irving Azoff. With Azoff controlling everything from venues to ticketing, many have accused Azoff of interfering with Doc's plan of attack for 2011.

So with the tour appearing to be off, where does that leave things with Best Buy? Although Best Buy had been burned by the first release of Chinese Democracy, they've pledged major funds to help market a reissue. Will they continue to be so supportive when clearly it is impossible for Guns N' Roses to reliably stick to any sort of plan.

And if and when the band returns, who will be playing bass? It wasn't that long ago that Duff McKagan appeared on stage with the band, a move that shocked fans throughout the world.

But what wasn't publicly known at the time was that for years there have been internal discussions about canning Stinson due to problems with alcohol as well as his treatment of staff and crew. What role this played in Stinson threatening to not take the stage in Abu Dhabi is not known, but what is known is that as far back as 2008, Axl and other members of the band had many discussions about the pros and cons of a Duff return, a return Duff has privately expressed interest in repeatedly behind closed doors.

So what is next for Guns N' Roses? Unfortunately, not even Guns N' Roses itself knows the answer to that question.

But rest assured, this story is far from over.

Again, the above is located right here.