Monday, February 21, 2011

New Bumblefoot Interview


Hi. I hope all is well with you. My name is BBA (short for bring back adler) and I am an active member of the Guns N' Roses online communities. I will get directly to my request and ask that you grant me a twelve question interview. If you would agree, it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED not only by myself, but the rest of the GN'R fan community.

As you read through my questions, please know that I am not attempting to be sarcastic or condescending with the questions that I asked (below). I understand that some of the questions may seem somewhat blunt, but they are questions that are frequently discussed and debated in the communities.

Again, I would greatly appreciate the consideration. If you should agree to participate, I know that it will provide some much appreciated insight to the fans.

Thanks for your consideration.



Guns N' Roses is one of the most wanted reunions of all time. How does that make you feel?

You have to admit, based on comments made, the members in today's Guns N' Roses seem to have absolutely no clue what is happening with the band. Why is that?

Do you view Guns N' Roses in 2011 as a cover band? Can you understand how some would?

In a nutshell, why was there no US tour in 2010 or thus far in 2011? If you would, please elaborate some beyond it just being "business stuff".

It is widely theorized throughout the Guns N' Roses communities that all members who sign on as an employee of the band are required to sign a confidentiality agreement / "gag order". Is this true?

Why won't Axl put out the remainder of the Chinese Democracy session material? Supposedly there were "dozens" of songs recorded over a several year period. Is it just a matter of the material not being any good?

If Slash walked on to an elevator that you and Axl were riding, how would you see that scenario playing out? Seriously.

Have you or any of the other members of Guns ever confronted Axl about the late show starts? If not, why? If so, how did that turn out?

Do you see the current lineup of GN'R ever recording an album of original material together? Most forum dwellers don't ever see it coming to fruition. Ever.

Are the current members of GN'R payed a retainer during the years of inactivity? If you don't want to speak on behalf of other members, are you payed a retainer during the years of inactivity?

Current GN'R fans are viewed as some of the most abused fans out there considering how little the band communicates with them. By communication, I'm not talking about you or Fortus discussing the type of guitars that you play. I'm talking about actual news regarding GN'R tours and music releases. Why don't you feel like it is your place to communicate "band" information when you are in fact a member of the band?

Have you and the other current members of GN'R (Axl included) ever been in the recording studio at the same time? If so, was there any output? If you guys never have been, in your opinion, why not?


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Mack Arillo said...

Hopefully Ron will answer these questions for us "soon."