Wednesday, December 31, 2008

GN'R Not Touring. Maybe.

So, a few days ago Guns N' Roses guitarist Richard Fortus - don’t get excited that’s not Slash’s real name - announced the band would be embarking on a two year trek throughout the world.

Now it seems he was misquoted and would like to make that clear.

There’s no tour or maybe there’s a tour which won’t last two years.

I imagine this is how information was funneled during World War II. I heard Hank died. Nah--he’s just got trench foot.

According to Rolling Stone, Fernando Lebeis also denied saying the band’s new video is being held up thanks to ongoing litigation with Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich even though he said just as much hours before hand.

Is it really any surprise false information is leaking out of the GN'R camp and then being denied? Axl Rose is a master of both self-deception and deceiving the public. Most of the time he doesn’t even know what the hell’s going on let alone his hired guns, I mean bandmates.

Nietzsche was right.

GN'R Not Touring. Maybe.


"People could say, `Oh my God, this song is so violent,' but at the same time, there was a war in Iraq. I felt like certain people made so much money from selling ammunition and military weapons and stuff, and killed a million people, and it wasn't even an issue that was raised," says M.I.A.


Monday, December 29, 2008

"BETTER" Music Video

Two weeks ago, when Axl Rose was conducting one of his late-night chats on MyGNR, he was asked
A video for "Better" was mentioned. Any ideas for a date of release, and/or in what capacities it will be released? What style of video is planned - live footage, some more dramatic theme? Great song. Can't wait to see what you guys have created for a visual.
Axl Rose answered
Soon is the word as in a week or so.
Today it was revealed that the video is a pending an 'ok' from Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich (who guested with Guns back in 2006). Apparently there's some Lars footage in the vid.

A quick YouTube search turned up the following footage. I wouldn't be very surprised if this clip is taken from the official "Better" video.

I've also embedded the following flick because it's featured on YouTube's "Rising Videos" tab and I figured I'd hop on the bandwagon and give it some more exposure.

The other reason is that due to GN'R's Anti-Promotion tactics, I'm sure that they'll disable embedding when they do finally release their offcial vid, so this is the best I'm gonna get for my blog anyway.

It's a great song - I've always loved it, especially Robin Finck's tasty solo 3:38 minutes into the song. Robin shares writing credits with Rose on this one, so it's his baby.

Kerrang Radio has reported that "Better" will be officially released as a single on January 5, 2009, in the UK.

Reckless Road E-Book Available

Reckless Road is the best book ever written about Guns N' Roses.

You can visit the link below for a free download of 38 amazing pages in PDF format.

If you haven't bought the book yet, you'll want to after you see this.

Dave Navarro's Thoughts on Chinese Democracy

Have u had a chance to sit down and listen to Chinese Democracy all the way through? Your thoughts on it?

Yes. I have to say that I pretty much love it.

The way I have been describing it has been 70% awesome and 30% really weird, but after a few listens... The weird becomes awesome again. I don't know if it's the songs or the fact that I just enjoy hearing that guy's voice or both, but I am a fan.

It's not GnR as we know it... It feels more like an Axl solo record... Probably because as music lovers, we were able to get a feel for the old GnR dynamics and the personalities of each member in the band. I know very little about this band so it's hard to connect with each member sonically like I did before.

People have been commenting on how long it took to make but I kind of don't believe he was working on all THESE songs the whole time. I'm sure there have been versions, stuff that got scrapped, breaks, line up changes, personal time... I'm speculating of course, but having worked on so many projects I know that there are a million things that go down before you even decide on the track listing.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fortus Says GN'R Tour to Span 2 Years

Pale Divine to reunite in St. Louis on December 29. Fortus also hints at Guns N’ Roses return to the city.

This Monday St. Louis fans will witness a one-night reunion of Pale Divine, aka The Eyes, a mega-popular STL alt-rock act that broke through nationally in the early '90s.

The original four members - vocalist Michael Schaerer, guitarist Richard Fortus, bass player Dan Angenend Jr. and drummer Greg Miller - will take The Pageant's stage at 8PM Monday, December 29, after not playing together for 17 years.

But the coming year or two with another band will keep Fortus busy and traveling, as he has been a rhythm and sometime lead guitarist with Guns N' Roses.

GN'R fans will be opening up the gift of the long-awaited Chinese Democracy release today, and Fortus can be heard on some of the album's cuts.

A legendary story in the world of rock was birthed on July 2, 1991, when Axl Rose stormed off the stage at Riverport Amphitheater, ticked at a photog snapping pics of him in the audience. The fans there rioted, causing loads of damage to the then-new venue.

STL fans of GN'R since have known a chance of Rose's return to the Gateway City was seemingly impossible. In fact, Fortus and Rose have a little joke about it.

"There has been talk of us doing a Love tour, a tour of all the cities where there have been riots, and doing free shows," Fortus said in a recent telephone interview. "That might happen."

The guitar player would love to do a St. Louis date, so his parents don't have to drive to Chicago or Kansas City to see him on stage with Rose and Co. Regardless, he said, late March should bring the GN'R tour, which likely will last at least two years.

For now, Fortus fans can check out The Pageant gig and can buy a limited-to-1,000-edition box set with two DVDs of live concert and interview footage and a CD with unreleased tracks, some of which would have been part of Pale Divine's second Atlantic album.

"The bulk of the second DVD is the last show we did before we went to L.A. to record the record," bass player Angenend said. "It was definitely a peak of performance for us."

Visit to order the DVD/CD set or visit for more information on the Dec. 29 concert.

St Louis Telegraph

2009: What's In and What's Out

Wicked Local: Newburyport, MA has posted thier annual guide to 'What's In and What's Out.'

Their section on Music is pretty spot-on.
"In music, it’s hard to say who’s in, but we can tell you what’s out: discovering new music on the radio. This is because after spending millions to analyze why the industry is failing, radio executives have decided the best bet is to keep playing the same 25 songs over and over again, until the audience dies. (This is not true of satellite radio, which would be great, if it were free.)

Instead, people are discovering music on blogs, and then going out and buying those artists’ CDs or downloads. So the Recording Industry Association of America is, of course, trying to wipe them off the face of the earth. The last thing they want is people actually discovering their artists, which would throw off the delicate balance of the industry, which involves selling as many Coldplay albums as humanly possible. Coldplay is in.

Britney is back in, because we are nothing if not forgiving, and we have a soft spot in our hearts for unstable wackjobs. Which reminds us, Amy Winehouse is in.

Madonna is in on the charts with her bestselling Hard Candy LP, but out in the court of public opinion thanks to her dalliance with A-Rod, everyone’s least favorite Yankee (and that’s saying something). We’re all still awaiting the day when Madonna starts to perform in a nice, tasteful pantsuit.

Meanwhile, Beyonce is in as a singer, an actress, and the latest celebrity to pretend to change her name. (In case you haven’t heard, she is … Sasha Fierce! And we are … slightly embarrassed.)

Indie rock is in, with the likes of Spoon, the Hold Steady, Death Cab for Cutie, Conor Oberst and TV On The Radio making a bigger splash than ever. Good thing people had blogs to hear them on.

After working on their new album for 15 years, Guns N’ Roses are back in. So what if Chinese Democracy doesn’t sound as good as all the ’90s albums they recorded in two weeks while drunk? Meanwhile, Slash and any other original members of the band are out, since Axl’s the only one left. Where have you gone, Izzy Stradlin?

Every year we wait for Bruce Springsteen to go out, but it never happens. In the next few months alone you can expect a new album, a new tour, a Super Bowl appearance, a likely stop at the inauguration and possibly an Oscar. But don’t worry, Bon Jovi is still out. (Kidding! He actually had the top grossing tour. OK, he’s still out.)"

Friday, December 26, 2008

Dizzy Reed at The Coach House Tonight

The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, California is listing DIZZY REED OF GUNS AND ROSES as their entertainment for tonight, December 26, 2008.

Originally scheduled for this evening was Adler's Appetite, who cancelled due to drummer Steven Adler's court order to attend a state-mandated drug rehab program.

Opening for Dizzy are Smogtown, Disaster Channel and Madassin.

Tickets are $16 and the show begins at 8pm.

On the Web: Dizzy Reed

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Duff Interview From 'My Planet Rocks'

Duff McKagan on My Planet Rocks; Audio Available

Duff McKagan was interviewed on the December 14, 2008 edition of the My Planet Rocks show on the UK classic rock radio station Planet Rock. You can listen to the program in three parts below.

Duff McKagan's Loaded performed at KISW's annual Holiday Hangover Ball on December 12 at Showbox SoDo in Seattle, Washington. Original headliners Saliva who were scheduled to play, were forced to cancel due to an unexpected health scare of lead singer Josey Scott, and were replaced by members of QueensrŸche.

Loaded's new five-song EP, Wasted Heart, was released on September 22 via Century Media Records. A new full-length album will follow in early 2009. The CD was produced by Martin Feveyear and will include such tracks as "Roll Away", "Forgive Me", "Sick", "No More", "Southern Girl", "No Shame" and "Translucent".

"These are purely my songs," McKagan told "It's probably more derivative of my earlier years of punk rock. It's a good rock 'n' roll band. It's fun, is what it is. There's no real business and no real drama. I'm really into no drama right now."

In addition to McKagan, Loaded features drummer Geoff Reading (Green Apple Quick Step), bassist Jeff Rouse and guitarist Mike Squires from Alien Crime Syndicate).

Loaded was formed in 1999 and has morphed several times, releasing two albums: 1999's Live Episode and 2001's Dark Days.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Merry F!n' Christmas

Another year bites the dust.

And what a year it's been.

Besides Axl Rose actually releasing Chinese Democracy and the US electing their first black president - my Wife and I were blessed with our third son this Summer!

So, I just want to take this time to wish my readers a very Merry Christmas a Happy New Year.

I can't believe it's been a whole year since I wrote this.

Anyway, my stocking stuffer for you this year is a little folder of MP3s, titled Holiday Greetings From Guns N' Roses.

If you'd like a preview before you download, here they are in video form:

Speaking of videos, I hope to have some NEWS for you "soon." Otherwise, things are pretty quiet here.

I hope that everyone reading is happy and healthy and ready to do great things in 2009.

I'll leave you with my favorite Christmas song, Band Aid's 1984 instant classic "Do They Know It's Christmas?"

Isn't YouTube great? In years past, I can remember haunting the FM dial, hoping that they'd play this track, and now it's available 24/7 on-demand, all year! My favorite part is at 1:30 when Bono sings "Well tonight thank God it's them instead of you"

Here's to you,


[bonus question: What is a sugar-plum anyway?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

SexTapes Gives Gift of Music

SexTapes Gives Gift of Music During Difficult Holidays

My favorite Xmas gifts were the records i received when I was young, i remember the year, the songs, and most importantly, when i hear that music today, i remember exactly how I was FEELING at that time. Oddly, I don’t remember most other gifts thru the years! selective memory i guess. We hope to share that same experience with others.

To ease gift giving during this recession holiday season, we are offering free downloads of SexTapes™ MP3’s from our new album! For a limited time you can download these five MP3 tracks simply by clicking on the links below*. Offer ends midnight, January 2nd, 2009, so download yours today!

All you need is Love, Love, Love - Love is all you need, Love is all you need -a wise man, wiser than me, once said

Spread the word, Love -chris

Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses - 2008

Animated Christmas light display using over 30,000 LED and 400 strobe lights. Display is animate with 176 channels. Music is broadcasted over short range FM so viewers don't need to leave the vehicle to hear the music.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Celebrity Rehab Presents Sober House

Steven Adler will star in VH1's Celebrity Rehab Presents Sober House, an 8 episode, one-hour series that will premiere Thursday, January 15.

Also living in the house with Steven Adler will be Rodney King, Nikki McKibbin (American Idol), Amber Smith (model/actress), Seth "Shifty" Binzer (Crazy Town), Mary Carey (adult film star), and actor Andy Dick.

This past Friday (December 19), Steven was ordered by an LA court commissioner to enter yet another rehab facility. The sentence stems from an incident back in July of this year. At that time the 43-year-old was arrested for drug possession and for being under the influence of drugs. He was also wanted for an outstanding warrant.

By entering a new drug treatment program, Steven will avoid spending any time in jail.

Steven was unable to make his original Dec 12 court date because he was busy wrapping up his stint at the VH1's Sober House.

You can watch Steven 'lose it' below.

Adler's Appetite at the Key Club Jan 17
Steven Adler to Appear in Court Today
Steven Adler Ready for Court Date, Tour Dates
Bring Back Adler
Celebrity Rehab Premieres Tonight
Steven Adler in "Celebrity Rehab" Season 2
Steven Adler's Court Date Moved to Aug 20
Steven Adler Video Available
Steven Adler Loves Getting High
The Return of Steven Adler!


The Verizon Media Store now has all of Chinese Democracy available as ringtones and ringbacks.

They are also serving up a new Guns N' Roses track titled "Neurobomb."

Better grab it now before it disappears.

**EDIT: "Neurobomb" is also available here. But is it really a Guns N' Roses track?


Sunday, December 21, 2008

We Have A Winner!

James Reay of London is the winner of The Chinese Democracy Air Guitar Competition.

Apparently, this was announced on November 17, but I somehow missed it. I have to say, this video is pretty creative, so I thought I'd show James some respect, and post it here.

YouTube -ChineseDemocracyUK

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Adler's Appetite at the Key Club Jan 17

Steven Adler escaped jail time Friday after a Los Angeles court commissioner ordered him into a state-mandated drug-treatment program.

Steven pleaded no contest last month to felony drug possession charges resulting from a July bust in Hollywood.

The plea means Adler will almost certainly receive probation and avoid a stint in prison as long as he completes an intensive rehab stint. Prosecutors also agreed to drop a misdemeanor count of being under the influence.

According to the website of the Key Club in Hollywood, California, Adler's Appetite plus Special Guests are scheduled to play there on Januray 17.

The Key Club
Adler's Appetite on MySpace

You can watch Adler's Appetite performing "Mr. Brownstone" at the Key Club below.

Crashing Blur of Ear-Bleed Awe

Friday, December 19, 2008

Using Songs as Torture

Using Songs as Torture Riles Up Musicians

Performers Beginning Campaign Against Practice

By Andrew O Selsky, Associated Press

GUANTANAMO BAY NAVAL BASE, Cuba - Blaring from a speaker behind a metal grate in his tiny cell in Iraq, the blistering rock from Nine Inch Nails hit Prisoner No. 200343 like a bludgeon.

"Stains like the blood on your teeth," Trent Reznor snarled over distorted guitars. "Bite. Chew."

The auditory assault went on for days, then weeks, then months at the US military detention center in Iraq. Twenty hours a day. AC/DC. Queen. Pantera. The prisoner, military contractor Donald Vance of Chicago, said he was soon suicidal.

The tactic has been used frequently in the US war on terror, with forces blaring loud music at hundreds of detainees in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, then the US military commander in Iraq, authorized it on September 14, 2003, "to create fear (and) disorient ... and prolong capture shock."

Now, the detainees aren't the only ones complaining. Musicians are banding together to demand that the US military stop using their songs as weapons.

A campaign being launched today has attracted groups including Massive Attack and musicians such as Tom Morello, who played with Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave and is now solo. It will feature moments of silence during concerts and festivals, said Chloe Davies of the British law group Reprieve, which represents dozens of Guantanamo Bay detainees and is organizing the campaign.

At least Vance, who says he was jailed for reporting illegal arms sales, was used to rock music. For many detainees from Afghanistan, where music was prohibited under Taliban rule, interrogations by US forces marked their first exposure to the pounding rhythms.

The experience was overwhelming for many. Binyam Mohammed, now a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay, said men held with him in the CIA's "Dark Prison" in Afghanistan wound up screaming and smashing their heads against walls, unable to endure more.

"There was loud music, (Eminem's) Slim Shady and Dr. Dre for 20 days. I heard this nonstop over and over," he told his attorney, Clive Stafford Smith.

The spokeswoman for Guantanamo's detention center, Navy Cmdr. Pauline Storum, wouldn't give details of when and how music has been used at the prison, but she said it isn't used today. She didn't respond when asked whether music might be used in the future.

FBI agents stationed at Guantanamo Bay reported numerous instances in which music was blasted at detainees, saying they were "told such tactics were common there."

According to an FBI memo, one interrogator at Guantanamo Bay bragged that he needed only four days to "break" someone by alternating 16 hours of music and lights with four hours of silence and darkness.

Ruhal Ahmed, a Briton who was captured in Afghanistan, describes excruciating sessions at Guantanamo Bay. He said his hands were shackled to his feet, which were shackled to the floor, forcing him into a painful squat for up to two days.

"You're in agony," Ahmed, who was released without charge in 2004, told Reprieve. Music compounded that because "before you could actually concentrate on something else, try to make yourself focus on some other things in your life that you did before and take that pain away."

Not all of the music is hard rock. Christopher Cerf, who wrote music for Sesame Street, said he was horrified to learn that songs from the children's TV show were used in interrogations.

Bob Singleton, whose song "I Love You" is beloved by preschool Barney fans, wrote in a newspaper column that any music can become unbearable if played loudly for long periods. "It's absolutely ludicrous," he wrote in the Los Angeles Times.

Some musicians, however, say they're proud that their music is used in interrogations. Those include bassist Stevie Benton, whose group Drowning Pool has performed in Iraq.

"People assume we should be offended that somebody in the military thinks our song is annoying enough that, played over and over, it can psychologically break someone down," he told Spin magazine. "I take it as an honor to think that perhaps our song could be used to quell another 9/11 attack or something like that."

Vance, in Chicago, said the tactic can make innocent men go mad. According to a lawsuit he has filed, his jailers said he was being held because his employer was suspected of selling weapons to terrorists and insurgents.

He said he was locked in an over-cooled 9-by-9-foot cell that had a speaker with a metal grate over it. Two large speakers stood in the hallway outside. The music was almost constant, he said.

"There was a lot of Nine Inch Nails, including March of the Pigs," he said. "I couldn't tell you how many times I heard Queen's We Will Rock You."

He was released after 97 days. Two years later, he said, "I keep my home very quiet."

Source: Columbus Dispatch
Thanks: Pat

Who Plays the Guitar Solos?

CHINESE DEMOCRACY - Robin Finck, Buckethead
BETTER - Buckethead, Robin Finck
STREET OF DREAMS - Robin Finck, Buckethead
IF THE WORLD - Buckethead
THERE WAS A TIME - Robin Finck, Buckethead
CATCHER IN THE RYE - Bumblefoot, Robin Finck, Bumblefoot
SCRAPED - Bumblefoot, Buckethead
RIAD N THE BEDOUINS - Bumblefoot, Buckethead
SORRY - Buckethead
IRS - Robin Finck, Buckethead
MADAGASCAR - Buckethead
THIS I LOVE - Robin Finck
PROSTITUTE - Buckethead

My favorite guitar solos are Bucket's on "If the World," "Sorry" and "There Was a Time" and Robin's on "Better," "Street of Dreams" and "There Was a Time."

I never knew that I was a Buckethead fan until I read the credits for this record!


Related Discussion:
The Solos on Chinese Democracy

On the Web:
Robin Finck

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wasted Heart

Duff McKagan's band Loaded has a new EP, Wasted Heart, that is available here.

They recently finished up a tour of Europe, and their full-length album, Sick, is due out next Spring.

I've always been a fan of Duff's voice.

This 5 track EP is killer. and he shines again on this effort. If this is any indication , the album is gonna be great.

This EP really begs the question: Should Duff be wasting his time in Velvet Revolver?

You can watch a video of Duff and his band performing an acoustic version of the song "Wasted Heart" live on The BJ Shea Morning Experience show on the Seattle radio station KISW 99.9 FM below. Duff is the new Lou Reed!

Mark Teixeira: Please come to Boston!


Monday, December 15, 2008

Axl Rose Sets the Record Straight

Axl Rose is the most unpredictable figure in our culture.

Apparently, after 8 years of silence he's had a massive change of heart. He signed up at the 3 biggest GN'R fan forums in the US, and answered questions for hours and hours on many subjects that he's never discussed before.

He was cool, funny and honest.

Yesterday, he went and typed up a 7 page manifesto / homework assignment which focuses on his feud with guitarist Slash, and the bitter "breakup" of the old band.

As I said on Saturday, this is so cool of the guy: Skipping the traditional news outlets to give the "scoop" on this story right to the fans in "their own backyard."

It's so much more personal than talking to Letterman or Rolling Stone. This weekend, Axl told us a story I thought we'd never hear. This is even more surreal than finally holding a copy of Chinese Democracy in my hands.

I always thought we'd hear Chinese Democracy ... eventually, but Axl signing up at the fan boards to tell his side of the story is not something I could have predicted.

A Big Thank-You goes out to Madison and Eric at MyGNR, and the entire community there.

Well, that's enough of my blabbering, below sits Axl's "homework assignment," unedited. It's rather long, so you may want to print it out, or wait to read it 'til you have some free time. It's definitely worth your time. I added the pictures to break up the "wall of text."

- Mack
My homework assignment, Just the Tip.... (of the iceberg) by Axl Rose

Ok then!! The questions aren’t here but the answers as it moves along I think point pretty clearly to what was asked in pretty much order or close of the 7 pages. If I didn't answer it was either already answered, off topic or I mistakenly overlooked the question, my apologies for the inconvenience. It’s not as light hearted as some of the other sessions but that’s the subject matter. Whew!!

So let’s start here… the whole Axl wouldn’t go on stage yada yada… is complete and utter crap.

Never happened, all made up, fallacy and fantasy. Not one single solitary thread of truth to it. Had that been the case I would’ve have been cremated years ago legally, could’ve cleaned me out for the name and damages. It's called under duress with extenuating circumstances. In fact the time that was mentioned the attorneys were all in Europe with us dealing with Adler depositions.

Couldn't talk sooner as it could have jeopardized whatever nonsense was going on.

When Guns renegotiated our contract with Geffen I had the bit about the name added in as protection for myself as I had come up with the name and then originally started the band with it. It had more to do with management than the band as our then manager was always tryin’ to convince someone they should fire me. As I had stopped speaking with him he sensed his days were numbered and was bending any ear he could along with attempting to sell our renegotiation out for a personal payday from Geffen.

It was added to the contract and everyone signed off on it. It wasn’t hidden in fine print etc as you had to initial the section verifying you had acknowledged it.

Now at that time I didn’t know or think about brand names or corporate value etc. All I knew is that I came in with the name and from day one everyone had agreed to it being mine should we break up and now it was in writing.

I still didn’t grasp any other issues until long after I’d left and formed a new partnership which was only an effort to salvage Guns not steal it.

In my opinion the reality of the shift and the public embarrassment and ridicule by others (which included a lot of not so on the level business types he was associating with at the time) for not contesting the rights to the brand name, were more than Slash could openly face. Also we aren’t lawyers or formally business educated so it was just a matter of all of us being naïve and doing what we thought was right at the time. Slash was imo being on the up and up in agreeing I had the rights and I wasn’t trying to be some snake in the grass pulling a fast one. The others could’ve cared less.

But when the reality of the breakup hit and the strategy to have me crawl back was put into play Slash had to save face and get business team and public support. Painting me as the one who held a crowd hostage forcing the others to sign over the name worked out pretty well in that regard. I’m the bad guy and Duff, the fans and most importantly himself were the victims. Oh and they had actually made the sacrifice for the crowd, the people, the fans at the show. But again…. IT NEVER HAPPENED.

Media and others ignorantly, wrongly and falsely harped on about it at mine and the fans expense for years and Slash has hoped to use all that to continually sue and have some sort of legal nonsense going on behind the scenes in an effort to reverse things. He wouldn’t have been able to get the support and action on the part of his various team members over the years to do so if the truth were out there especially when the statute of limitations had run out years ago.

Why keep the name? I’m literally the last man standing. Not bragging, not proud. It’s been a fucking nightmare but I didn’t leave Guns and I didn’t drive others out. With Slash it’s been nothing more than pure strategy and saving face while manipulating the public like he used to me. I earned the right to protect my efforts and to be able to take advantage of our contract I’d worked hard for where Slash’s exact words were that he didn’t care. I get that some like a different version or lineup the same way some like a specific team line up or a particular year of a specific car but because you and I are getting played I’m supposed to throw the baby out with the bath water?

I didn’t make a solo record. A solo record would be completely different than this and probably much more instrumental. I made a Guns record with the right people who were the only people who really wanted to help me try, were qualified and capable while enduring the public abuse for years . The songs were chosen by everyone involved. I didn’t want to do This I love in anyway shape or form and Robin and Caram insisted gaining Tommy’s and the others support. There’s been a lot of pressure to go with using my name (all external) but that never felt right to me for this band and the parameters in regard to this music have lots more to do with the mindset of Guns than something else. The instrumental I wrote for End of Days that’s more a solo effort at least presently.

As far as a new name…this is who I am not whatever else someone else thinks of. I don’t see myself as solely Guns but I do see myself as the only one from the past making the effort to take it forward whether anyone approves or not and giving beyond what many would or fight for to do so. The name helped the music more than you could ever know and I’m not talking in regards to studios or budgets I mean it as in being pushed by something and having to get the music to a place where I can find my peace regardless of what anyone says. And that wasn’t fully achieved until the last round of mastering and swapping out a version of a track at the pressing plant that had gotten inadvertently changed at the last minute.

Also the name was what the industry wanted as well and the burden of keeping it was something to endure in order to make the record. After the monies invested by old Geffen (that were decisions made that have worked out for me but I'm on record as having opposed) dropping the name became suicide.

The cost of legal battles has been astronomical but I felt the deal made with Universal was fair for where it is and most things balanced out for both sides.

David Bowie likes Floyd with Barret, many with Waters and those without. And there are those who like all the different lineups. Imo what makes our situation a bit more unique at least in how it’s played out is the ugliness of what really took place. If I’d done what was said then I’d say fuck me too. I also realize this is just one issue in something with upteen however many more so conclusions can’t be formulated off this little bit alone by most which is more than understandable.

That said because someone leaves the shop I started in which I still legally have the rights to the name I started it with… makes up a bunch of nonsense to win public and legal support in an effort to get whatever it is they want at mine and the public’s expense… I don’t feel any reason whatsoever I should have to throw what I’ve not only worked for but fought and suffered for away because some hurt, angry, betrayed, misguided and lied to people with a lynch mob mentality, joined by others who could care less (especially in the media), enjoying the controversy and hate, choose one over the other regardless of what’s right because they want what they want. And you can still prefer then as opposed to now and no one’s arguing your right to do so.

In regard to nuGuns, I get that sometimes it helps to be able to clarify. Personally I call this Guns and the Illusions or previous lineups old Guns.

We can play what we want as far as I’m aware.

It wasn’t so much that it was a good course or that if looking back I could do something differently it’s that for better or worse it was the only course and had I not done this Slash would have succeeded in destroying me publicly much more than he, others or myself have so far and I would have gone bankrupt.

I don’t know where I’d be but there’s clearly no happy ending there and with everything else that had gone on in every other area of my life the devastation isn’t something I feel I would have overcome at least to any real degree publicly. Hopefully I would’ve been able to pick myself up enough to get a job or sing somewhere else but I doubt anything that significant.

The sharing thing is interesting but even with all this time the complications of the red tape and trying to get something out fall on my world to sort and not theirs. They are amazingly supportive and do their best to keep me in up spirits and focused which I had less and less of in Guns way before Sweet Child caught on. If that were to change then that may be something to look at. I hope for us to grow more together as we continue so who knows.

If I hadn’t secured the rights I don’t know where I’d be and I’d probably call what would then be the current lineup “Those mother fuckers!!”

The name is something I take great pride in as I feel anyone who’s been a part of it should, the same as other bands or teams etc. The burden when it is such is a nightmare but not as much or as hopeless as I’d imagine without it could have been.

On the what’s the difference… I think I get what you’re asking… I feel it depends on how and in what ways either the formers members are using the association and what the true circumstances regarding why they moved on from both the band and the name that would or could affect the decision to continue on with the name by in this case this lineup and or myself.

As for selling more records it’d be nice to be in a position to possibly do so at some point but that’s never been my base reasoning. I would think it fits into not feeling I shouldn’t be forced to throw away possible opportunities in a hostile attempted takeover. I believe I should fight for Guns in a patriotic sense or sense of loyalty or honor. Not just my vision or direction for Guns as those things can evolve and you can make forward moving positive compromises by what others bring to the table but I mean more as in what principles I feel were important to Guns in regard to an overall commitment to the music.

It helped us get here but most of that was with Universal and the positives of that wore off years ago until recently and after the initial run it’ll be about the music and us. Then it’s about touring and there’s not a question the name’s helped at most everywhere but not so much the states. With that it comes down to the strength or quality of the performance. Having the name kicks your ass every night as it’s not some side project or something u can fuck off in. You don’t deliver u get your ass handed to u. So it makes us work much harder than I feel we would outside of it and it hasn’t been too ugly yet.

I didn’t see lineup changes etc back then I saw it more as a crash and burn, goin’ down with the ship. On one hand I knew the band was over before we started touring Illusions but you have hope… but I saw it more like the Titanic sinking than moving on or surviving. And in reality I went the distance with each and every one in Guns to where they felt for whatever reasons they either couldn’t or wouldn’t give what Guns required.

And I’m not talking change of styles or sounds etc. A lot of people bought that crap and me having gone in other directions seems to many to have verified that. Then you have the mind twisting equally as true horseshit in Slash’s book but I have the rehearsal tapes. There’s nothing but Slash based blues rock and he stopped it to both go solo and try to completely take over Guns. I read all this if Axl would’ve put words and melodies on it could’ve… That was denied and I didn’t walk till several months after having 3 to 4 hour phone conversations nearly every day with Slash trying to reach a compromise. I was specifically told no lyrics, no melodies, no changes to anything and to sing what I was told or fuck off.

As to what would possibly make me change the name would be some form of evolving that I don’t feel we’ve reached yet and not in any way consciously trying to at this time. It’s really hard to say. I’d have to feel it was right for me and those involved and whatever we’re doing at that time.

Never thought about that , with the RRHOF. The whole “mature enough” bit was cute. Not to offend anyone but personally I don’t have an interest and other than inducting Elton don’t quite get what it is exactly and who decides what. It seems to mean more to some than others and more so amongst fans. It’s nice to get recognition and have some form of acceptance but in regards to joining others the price is too high and just not worth it. It’s a ways away and seems a bit presumptuous to be contemplating being inducted now.

About following particular styles yes I do feel there are parameters with Guns as opposed to not being or in Guns. Chinese is imo an evolution not necessarily how each from the past would but how the music and intent could and did. Guns did not have specific lifelong criteria to follow and many of the influences on Appetite were abandoned by the others long before me. In fact Slash hated a good portion of those on Appetite and wasn’t all that into the involvement or association but knew it worked at the time and realized it was the cusp of a wave that was growing. It’s a trip for me to witness as so many of the people he performs with etc he hated then, them, their bands and their music where the others or I were the fans.

I like touring with these guys a lot more than the old band. The beginning was fun but it started going bad our first gig opening for the Cult in Halifax between Slash and I. That’s when the ok I put up with all Axl’s and Izzy’s crap now I’m gonna be the man trip started with him runnin’ right out front on the ego ramp for the whole show. It was pretty funny.

No one ever talked about or suggested using another name. The guys are really respectful in regard to the old band and I’m not sure if they’ve said a paragraph apiece in all the years towards or about the old band whether I’m talking about whatever or not. But from being with me for so long they know a lot of it’s shit so they get bummed at the endless interviews and nonsense. Personally I’m so proud of them I wouldn’t know how to express it. I can’t see me handing something like this as they have with so much class and maturity especially being shit on publicly to such a degree. “Hey join my band, bring an umbrella!!”

If I were to leave Guns I could consider giving, selling, shelving or opening a GNR Burger chain with the name!! Ha!! j/k. I’m not so different than the alumni in that there’s generally something going on that makes things suck and when that reaches overflow I want out too but if you didn’t when it’s ugly I think that’d be less normal.

If I went solo which I haven’t I wouldn’t call it Guns.

The name does come from mine and Traci’s as the original inspiration but was something I played with not Traci and Guns was Guns before Traci joined. It was Guns Before I knocked on Izzy’s window. Earlier I had gotten Tracii to use the name Guns (as he had mentioned a girl had called him Mr. Guns sometime) so he’d stop calling his band Persian Rose. So I guess we have the girl to thank.

The other’s having a sense of entitlement to the name isn’t completely off but has more to do with how Slash dealt with things and his particular strategy and I say strategy because that’s what it’s been. But since I managed to hold out that didn’t play out so well for him in regard to the name.

It’s a band name more than a brand name. As Tommy said regarding our struggles to make this happen “We’re not lettin’ what took so much blood and heart get turned to shit and dust.” And I guess you could apply that to current former or whatever.

Slash never had ANY arguments for keeping the name until long after and again I feel that had a lot to do with seedy biz types and him feeling he had to save face.

Keeping the band name alive was very important. Not out of ego and I don’t know exactly why in the sense of putting into words but I think it has something to do with the global effect it has and how Guns surviving in some way is sometimes inspiring to others around the world and in that there’s a sense of obligation.

I don’t regret keeping the name though I wish more were supportive or at least not as aggressively opposed.

The details are that my attorney shit when I made the move. He was very against it fearing long litigation but even then no one talked about brand names or individual interests in a brand name. I look back and have no idea why. Not my people, not his people, no one.
No one pressured me, everyone was afraid and no one including myself wanted to break up Guns or the relationship. And Bubbles and I talk all the time!

We can “chat” about the contract and the reasoning another time

The battles were during the breakup. Our people and my individual legal basically forced me to go thru the motions with everything I had to make things work for over 2 years in the sense that if they felt I wasn’t making every effort 110% and with all the sincerity and all above board I wouldn’t have their support which I wanted, couldn’t afford to lose or risk losing. Which led to the trial period where Slash played the key bits of Fall to Pieces but once I showed some interest that was over.

I get the part about reckless but it was more about strategy and underestimating how long I would stick with it.

As far as people knowing me, this is a statement that in light of others decisions that I chose to pursue as Guns N’ Roses and what some may feel is a different this or that may seem as if the arguments or disagreements are about the band or the style of music such as blues or influences on earlier Guns has some relevance but imo points more to deeper base elements I wanted to put forth for people in general.

Such as a more positive intent and instead of as self destructive more of healing. There’s all kinds of things to help you die or be more negative. I wanted to try and make as powerful a hard rock album as we could while incorporating beauty and an openness to other forms both traditional and more recent without going religious etc. I didn’t attempt to make a party record or dance record both elements consciously in Appetite. I wasn’t trying to purposefully appeal to the heartland or middle America in those ways (not that I was trying to avoid them or have an issue). But for example Sweet Child wasn’t in any way trying to write a “hit” mainstream song it was trying to write the best Guns N’ Roses Lynard Skynard influenced song we could as tribute and recognition in the tradition of Tuesdays Gone With the Wind or Simple Man etc and at a time when nothing could have seemed more unpopular.

One man forced me to work with others. One man forced me to work with others to survive. And I can’t say what would have happened on different terms. I say yes because it was agreed from day one. U have to realize we were on the street. It wasn’t the first band. Whoever thought of the name kept the name unless he gave it up or moved on. Everyone was always having a new version of whatever their band name was. I wouldn’t have thought of using LA Gunns or any of Slash’s band names. We all knew that we could break up the next week. You had to have that stuff somewhat sorted between each other going in. It was a deal that we made. The issue becomes the value or perceived value now and the fans attachment and or acceptance. Really weren’t things we consciously considered even during the breakup.

I don’t exactly know what Guns N’ Roses is but I know it’s my job in the sense of an obligation and I’m good with that.
The name and rights have nothing to do with the breakup. That’s all a created façade a decoy and a smoke screen. Now had what Slash said actually transpired then I’d say of course but in reality, No.

Going into Guns there wasn’t a #2. At that time I was going to make it in a band that started as Guns N’ Roses and could evolve but that was the starting point and it was all the way or bust. I knew what I wanted when I knocked on Izzy’s window. I also knew I wanted Slash but we still had differences and Izzy wasn’t down with it.

I wasn’t legally obligated but we probably would have gotten dropped and I would have been driven into bankruptcy.

I think it varies and happy Christmas to u and everyone.

I don’t think about the dangerous bit or status or identification. I’ve always thought of the symbolism since thinking of the 2 words together. And in that I absolutely feel this is a Guns N’ Roses record.

It’s an issue that gets brought up a lot especially in the media at all levels and it gets really ugly. It’s ugly right now with dj’s across the country who feel their sticking up for something that they bought into unaware. So I wanted to start going at it a bit.

Most critics have higher opinions of theirs than is merited. I haven’t read much from outside sources in the media regarding my world that know much of anything let alone what would be in my best interest other than looking at events in hindsight and playing armchair music mogul. Which most times means nothing and though could seem logical is usually just as far off base as anything else they’ve said.

The heart and commitment these guys play the material with is much more than the others were prepared to give pursuing their own interests for a very long time. The music changed after Slash and I parted so the direction was where I took Guns not where I had intended or tried to go previously. It had a lot to do with not finding or knowing a more blues based player that I found inspiring and I was really knocked down and beat up. Slash, Duff and Matt’s decisions had as much to do with kicking a guy when he’s down or abandoning ship at the time as anything else. Other things were going on with music as well, we were basically dead at Geffen. I liked other things as well so I wanted to explore, be legitimate and survive. I wasn’t doing what was written so often about chasing fads etc. Jesus, I wouldn’t have agreed for Zakk to come down if any of Slash’s or the media’s nonsense were real. And that could’ve worked on some level but like Guns it would’ve been up to those two and their relationship. They talk nice but it wasn’t pretty… but it was pretty awesome!!

No plans not to be Guns for the future.

Solo efforts… Much more experimental and instrumental.

It doesn’t bother me unless it’s being done at my expense and or to keep him associated as in Guitar Hero. Him being Guitar Hero’s fine but not when Activison in using Jungle, having Yahoo use Sweet Child unauthorized, claims no involvement with Slash, his or anyone’s image or VR or anyone or anyone’s music in either camp in promotion or commercials etc. I wasn’t broadsided. I read about it as it moved along but Activision continually denied it right up to the release. That’s some low life chicanery on all their parts.

Yes Slash was in Guns and on Jungle (and the whole I came to him for his riff is as much crap as him saying he brought Locomotive and Coma in as complete songs) and he has rights to perform it but not to be represented in this context in association with Guns. And since they weren’t granted the license it’ll take some sorting.

Universal has Guns under contract but I own the name.

I don’t have problems with whoever doing the songs but film or video gets into sync rights and I don’t have an interest in anyone new, old or whatever trying to sell themselves as GNR under another name that way.

It’s my understanding the lawyers were scammed like the everyone else so for them to continually try and find a way to reverse things is normal and would seem appropriate but again it NEVER Happened.

Thanks everyone. Hope to get back soon. I’ll take a look at that list. As long as we don’t get to personal or offensive I’m good with things. Thanks for all the questions, my apologies for not answering specifically to each, this was just a bit easier for this subject. Hope no one took wanting to stay on topic to personal. Thanks again to everyone who participated. Thanks to everyone for the great comments and appreciation. Happy Holidays.


Axl Speaks
Axl Speaks Again
My Homework Assignment
Why I Am Continung To Use Name Guns N' Roses

Hunting the Great White Whale

Axl & Ahab

UIC Professor Lennard J Davis, author of the newly published Obsession: A History, has some interesting thoughts on Axl Rose and the ridiculously long-awaited release of Chinese Democracy:

"In some ways, we might regard this as the latest act of a tortured genius in the great tradition of other tortured geniuses. The nineteenth century abounded with them, from Captain Ahab and his obsessive quest of his white whale to Frenhofer, Balzac's tortured painter, and Claude Lantier, Emile Zola's novelistic representation of Cezanne. What these driven people have in common is the desire to create, to capture, and to produce something extraordinary. And yet, they all end up ruining the thing they want and destroying themselves in the process."

GB Book Club

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Girl Loves Distortion, "Enraged"

My favorite DC band has a new video for their song "Enraged." Most of the footage was filmed live by Josh Bolton (Drawing Lines) at the Artery 717 in Alexandria, VA this past Halloween.

You can enjoy it below.

Supposedly, they also have more videos coming very soon including one for the song "Luminance."


Girl Loves Distortion

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Axl Speaks Again

"Dexter" aka Axl Rose surfaced again today to chat with his fans.

This time he was interviewed by the fans over at

I think that this is a really, really cool and classy move by Axl Rose. Going to straight to his fans and engaging with them on their home turf without having to leave the comfort of his.

I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner. I know I've been a harsh critic of A. Rose sometimes, so I just want to acknowledge him here for giving the fans what they really wanted for Christmas - Chinese Democracy, and three (so far) live chats with his biggest fans.

Thanks Axl - you've really done right by your fans this time.

Here's a very brief excerpt of today's chat.
Q: Hey Axl, thanks for bringing us so many special moments, like this… Now I’ll start with 2 easy questions:

-When did you start the recording of your voice for CD and when did it end and which was the last song recorded?

-Are you here to promote the album, or do you really care about your fan base?

Axl: I’ll have to think about the 1st bit. W/the second I’m not sure how much this is promoting the album as it’s in our own backyard so to speak but it is talking with fans about some of the realities of Guns or myself which whether I’ve wanted to or not didn’t feel right until now. So I’d say it’s about us!! [ thumbs up smiley face]

Q: Axl, there’s a list of rumored song titles. Can you tell us which ones are bogus and which ones are real?

Axl: Ides Of March, Oklahoma, Atlas Shrugged, Oh My God, Silkworms , Down By The Ocean (Izzy), Leave Me Alone, Seven , The General , Thyme , Quick Song , Zodiac Most all titles subject to change w/out warning and r considered working titles.

No plans on tour setlist as of now.

Q: -has anything disney ever inspired you musically? like the little mermaid score or something? are you a fan of the little mermaid? whats your favorite disney animated film?

-did you do a song with eazy-e in the early 90’s i read it somewhere, i think it would be pretty cool did you hang out with eazy-e ever? what was a cool moment hanging out with n.w.a.?

Axl: I don’t know about musically but I’m pro Disney. Go about once a year or so. Went w/Bucket a lot. It’s nice to go somewhere where people allow themselves to be more in touch with a more innocent side of themselves at least for what seems like the most part.

He recorded w/Slash and Duff. He really wanted to attack the media over attacking me for One in a Million. There wasn’t really any Easy on it. I wasn’t there. He gave me the tape to consider. Sounded a bit like the other guys doing Bodycount. The idea was ok but the track wasn’t really there and I felt it would get more heat than the track could stand up to. Only hung a couple times after a show with any of them. Was glad I got to meet Easy.
You can read the recap here, or check out the original thread here.

Once again, thanks Ax.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Axl Speaks

Reclusive Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose broke his silence last night (Thursday, December 11) by answering fan questions on the message boards of two of the most popular Guns N' Roses fan sites on the Web — and Here Today… Gone To Hell!

Blabbermouth has an excellent transcript.

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Rolling Stone

Steven Adler to Appear in Court Today

Steven Adler is scheduled to appear in court today to determine if he is eligible for drug treatment instead of jail.

Adler is planning to star in "Sober Living," the "Celebrity Rehab" spin off, in 2009.

He also hopes to tour with his band, "Adler's Appetite," starting in January.

According to the web site of the Key Club in Hollywood, California, "Adler's Appetite w/ very special guests!" will perform there on January 17, 2009.

Adler was arrested in Los Angeles on July 18, after someone called police to report he was causing a disturbance.

Adler was charged with possession of narcotics, being under the influence and having an outstanding warrant for his arrest on an earlier infraction.

He appeared this year on the reality television show "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" during an earlier attempt to get off drugs.

Adler's Appetite Tour Dates:

December, 26 2008 10:00 PM - The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA

January, 17 2009 10:00 PM - The Key Club, West Hollywood, CA

February, 28 2009 10:00 PM - Brixton South Bay, Redondo Beach, CA

July, 11 2009 08:00 PM - Santa Fe Station Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV


Thursday, December 11, 2008

"No Plans of a Reunion"

Contrary to published reports, Axl Rose has no plans to reunite the most successful Guns N' Roses lineup. Guns' co-manager Irving Azoff told Sal Cirrincione of Premiere Radio Networks, "There are no plans of a reunion, nor have there been any discussions of a reunion, with former Guns N' Roses band members. In the future, we hope that if media have any questions concerning GN'R, they'd at least check their facts before running inaccurate stories for their own benefit."


Like a Unicorn

Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy Nosedives on the Charts

An Insider Offers His Thoughts

by Joe Bosso

Can anything stop GN'R's downward spiral?

For Axl Rose, it's bad times. A week ago, his much-anticipated album Chinese Democracy debuted to less-than-steller chart showings - in the UK it was handily beat by The Killers' Day & Age, and in the US it did even worse, coming in at Number 3 behind Kanye West and Taylor Swift.

And now it appears that the raging apathy of once-fervent Guns N' Roses fans continues.

Final sales figures are still coming in, but in the UK, Chinese Democracy dropped off the Top 10 and slid to Number 11. And in the US the story is even grimmer, where the record nosedived to Number 17 -that's a 78 percent drop-off from its first-week sales.

Some see a turnaround

With radio stations turning a deaf ear to the album, it would seem that the goose that is Chinese Democracy is cooked. But some insiders close to the Guns N' Roses camp still view the record as a long-term winner.

Bob Chiappardi, the New York City-based CEO of Concrete Marketing, has worked with Guns N' Roses since the Live Like a Suicide EP. Recently, his company worked on TV ads for Chinese Democracy and serviced the album to gentlemen's clubs in the US. According to Chiappardi, the record has yet to receive its moment in the sun.

"It's going to follow the same kind of life of the Kid Rock record, where songs keep coming" Bob Chiappardi, Concrete Marketing

"We all expected a situation with the numbers falling off," says Chiappardi. "First off, it's not in every record store in the country, which doesn't help. But I hope it's going to follow the same kind of life of the Kid Rock record, where songs keep coming - then we'll have really good numbers by summer."

Believe in ballads

Radio's resistance to the title cut is "disappointing," says Chiappardi, but he believes that several of the album's ballads "are going to come through. Maybe not on a 'November Rain' basis, but there's some tracks there."

Above all, Chiappardi claims that Chinese Democracy needs time and nurturing. "The record is like a unicorn - there's a legend around it," he says. "It's hard to explain. I think once the smoke clears, it'll rise to the top."

Music Radar
Photo: Blisterman

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"We Play Whatever Axl is in the Mood for ..."

Izzy Stradlin interviews are few and far-between, so I was thrilled when I actually found a video of one.


"A Disgusting Display of Greed"

I was shocked and saddened to read the following article yesterday.
Click on either of the hotlinks for the full expose.
A short excerpt is included below.

Bon Jovi Fan Club Proves Itself to be Morally Bankrupt

By Anthony Kuzminski

In recent years, a lot has been written about Bon Jovi’s fan club, Backstage with Jon Bon Jovi. In the early days, it was an inner sanctum where interviews, exclusive pictures and information were delved out first. It was never the best fan club on the planet, but it always put the fans first. Somewhere along the line, someone realized how loyal, zealous and steadfast these fans were and decided to take advantage of them. Jon Bon Jovi’s brother, Matt, took over the fan club in late 2006 and since then, fans who were always dedicated and unswerving have decided to turn the back on the fan club because of their business practices. [MORE]

Spread the word,


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

GN'R Unreleased

01 - Just Another Sunday
02 - Crash Diet
03 - Heartbreak Hotel
04 - Ain't Goin' Down
05 - Cornshucker
06 - Bring it Back Home
07 - Sentimental Movie
08 - It Tastes Good, Don't It?
09 - Too Much Too Soon
10 - Goodnight Tonight
11 - Dead Flowers
12 - Jumpin' Jack Flash

GN'R unreleased.rar

By request, these 12 songs are an odd assortment of various unreleased GN'R material. The sound quality ranges from good (Heartbreak Hotel, Ain't Goin' Down, Cornshucker) to really bad (It Tastes Good, Don't It?).

"Goodnight Tonight" is performed live by Izzy Stradlin. I have a Guns N' Roses version but the sound quality on this one is superior.

"Just Another Sunday," "Crash Diet," "Bring it Back Home," and "Sentimental Movie" are demos from the Use Your Illusion sessions and I rate the sound quality a B-

This is undeniably the best version of "Heartbreak Hotel" in circulation.

"Ain't Goin' Down" is a rip from the Guns N' Roses pinball machine. This track dates back to the Appetite days. It is as strong a track as "Think About You," "Anything Goes," or "Out Ta Get Me."

"Conshucker" is from the GN'R Lies sessions. It was deemed "too obscene" to be included on the album.

"It Tastes Good, Don't It?" was performed live by the band during the Use Your Illusion Tour. Included here only as a collector's item. It's an awful recording of an awful song.

"Too Much Too Soon" is another old recording from the Appetite days. I don't really care for this song, but why take my word for it?

"Dead Flowers" and "Jumpin' Jack Flash" round out the set and both Stones songs are featured here in acoustic renditions. The former is a good recording of a live performance and the latter is a poor recording of a studio demo.

- Mack.Arillo AT GMail.Com