Thursday, February 10, 2011

“Original” Guns N’ Roses in Talks for Next Year’s Super Bowl Halftime

KENT has been told that preliminary talks have already taken place to reconvene the most popular lineup of Guns N’ Roses to turn Indianapolis into Paradise City. Gun N’ Roses might be the only rock band with it’s members still living that hasn’t played a Super Bowl halftime show that could generate a real sense of excitement for what this year became a devolving mess.

After a significantly lesser halftime show this year with the overexposed Black Eyed Peas with Usher (who had to cancel a bar mitzvah appearance) and Slash from GNR, the NFL is looking to make a splash, and reuniting Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagen, either Steven Adler or Matt Sorum, and Dizzy Reed.

Nothing like a 30-minute trip to the fridge for another beer or three, knowing that you won’t miss anything relevant. Oh, how those ad agencies must have thrilled to the news that the Black Eyed Peas were willing to take the time away from their endless tour of talk and award show appearances to sing “I Gotta Feeling” for the 724th time on network television in the last 16 months. They could have gotten the same audience and performance for the cost of an Oprah show :30.

The halftime show of the Super Bowl tried to top itself each year with spectaculars until Justin Timberlake unsheathed Janet Jackson right teat and America overreacted like the crowd had been napalmed. Since then, it’s been rock backs and icons – until this year when evidently the B-52s were unavailable.

The Beatles – half dead, and McCartney did it. U2 – did it. The Clash – Joe Strummer dead. The Police – terrible reunion tour. All southern rock bands – mostly dead. Nirvana – one-third dead, one third in the Goo-Goo Dolls, one third MIA. Pearl Jam – too niche. Phish – way too niche, plus football on shrooms is no fun to watch. That leaves Justin Bieber and GNR, and if Bieber ever performs at a Super Bowl, I hope I’m there to take a bullet to stop the show.

Hopefully, Axl (the Indiana native) is on his meds, and agrees to do the show. It’s always a shame when a great band lets squabbles put a premature end to their creativity and ability to thrill an audience. GNR is long past its creative peak, but for 12-minutes, I would sit still in front of a TV to watch them rock.

Talks are still in the very early stages, and it may turn into nothing, but it’s good to know that at least someone is thinking clearly at the NFL.


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Hanneke.H said...

I don't think so eather!

Septic said...

Nope. Not gonna happen. I'm sure Adler is crossing all his digits and hoping, but nope.

Anonymous said...

NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. And thankfully so: Gn'r and superbowl? how corny.