Friday, December 7, 2007

Bach: "Guns N' Roses to release trilogy by 2012"

A friend of Guns N' Roses' front man Axl Rose claims the wayward singer plans to release a trilogy of albums by 2012.

Metal Edge: Well, Ive heard the six tracks that were leaked, and they're amazing

Bach: But those arent the final versions. he laughed about those. those arent the record. those are some other version of whatever. One of my favorite songs - I asked axl if I could mention the song titles and he said "fine"--and one of my favorite songs is this song called "the general" which is so, its by far the heaviest metal tune I think ive ever heard axl do, this slow grinding riff with these high peircing vocals, screaming vocals. I was like , when is this coming out? and he said "2012" I was like dude, your killin me! He goes, "well this comes out on the third record. it relates to this song, its a trilogy, this goes with this lyrically." hes got it all figured out, hes just different than other people. he does thingso n his own time, in his own way, but you know...the worlds not prepared for what ive heard from this guy. its got the grandness and the epic-ness of november rain but with the snarl, the attitude of appetite. because the album that ive heard, alot of the drumming is by brain, who plays so heavy and mean. its a really...grand is the word for it, but its still got that attitude. Theres some great music comin' your way. My album meanwhile is 100 percent comin out on november 20. thats 100 percentile. its done, its mastered, ive got it on my fucking ipod and its ready to go.

Metal Edge: Do you ever get him on the phone and say "will you just put your fuckin record out already?"

I said that to him once, and it was one of the only times he bristled at me. He goes "Oh, everybody, sebastians got a great fucking idea. Hey! I should put out a record! Thanks, man what would I do without you dude...thats awesome." I was like Ok, I get it. Ill never say that again. see, the thing that nobody gets, that I get, is that he has like four albums Done. Ive heard it. So get ready! All you people who dont think hes gonna put out a record are sadly mistaken. He just takes his time. its his album. axl does what he wants to do, thats the way it is. And just cause you havent heard it doesnt mean its not done.

SOURCE: Metal Edge Magazine

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