Monday, December 17, 2007

Duff McKagan - Believe in Me

Fist of all, let me say, I Love This Album.

Duff McKagan - Believe in Me sounds more like Appetite for Destruction than Use You Illusion II does. This is hands-down, the best side/solo project from any of the Guns N' Roses alumni.

Check out the lineup here:

Duff McKagan - vocal, drums, bass, 12-string acoustic guitar, electric rhythm guitar, leslie guitar, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

Slash - lead guitar
Matt Sorum - drums
West Arkeen - guitars
Ted Andreadis - organ
Jeff Beck - lead guitar
Dizzy Reed - piano
Lenny Kravitz - vocals
Gilby Clarke - guitar
Sebastian Bach - vocals

This album came out in 1992, during the gap between the Illusions albums and Spaghetti Incident? I can honestly say that I listen to Incident about one a year, and usually skip a few tracks , but Believe plays in my pickup truck constantly. Its sleazy, breezy, sneezy, and even a little bit cheesey. Here's my advice: Find this album used on eBay or amazon and then run your copies of Contraband, Libertad, and The Spaghetti Incident? through your paper shredder.

Track Listing:

Believe In Me
I Love You
Man in the Meadow
(Fucked Up) Beyond Belief
Could It Be U
Just Not There
Punk Rock Song
The Majority
10 Years
Swamp Song
Fuck You
Lonely Tonite

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