Friday, January 18, 2008

117 Degrees (1998, Geffen)


117 Degrees is a country album with some rockabilly influences.

Its got all of Izzy's signature hooks that we've come to rely on.

Duff plays bass. Taz Bentley on drums. Rick Richards on the other guitar.

The best part is that its still in print and you can buy it everywhere.

"Ain't it a Bitch"

A good, rockin' opener

"Gotta Say"

One of the catchiest songs Izzy ever wrote.

I think you have underestimated me

sings Stradlin on this tune - and he's damn right.


The Chuck Berry tune. Izzy plays it a little faster than the original. This one is a staple of his live sets.

"Old Hat"

Old Hat is one of my personal favorites out of Izzy's entire catalog of music.


Nice slide guitar, nice chorus. A little mandolin in the middle, and some jingling bells, make a lyrically sad song sound really playful and happy.


Izzy and Duff deliver a 97 second Punk Rock blast, complete with string scratching, a wailing guitar solo and "Animal" drums.

"Good Enough"

Think Soul Asylum meets The Jayhawks meets The Stones meets Sesame Street meets The Beatles. Great bridge, beautiful guitar solo. Could've been a hit. No idea why it wasn't. Listening to this song, it really strikes me how well mixed and mastered this album is.

"117 Degrees"

An up-tempo rocker with a cool guitar outro.

"Here Before You"

Country and Western, Izzy Stradlin style. Check out Duff's bassline on this one, its so much fun. This song is Part II of "You Ain't the First" from Use Your Illusion I.

"Up Jumped the Devil"

You can hear the Georgia Satellites doing this one.


A four and a half minute instrumental. I would have named it "Dick Dale Meets King Crimson." Needless to say, I like it.

"Freight Train"

One of the weaker songs on the album, I guess.


More driving bass from Duff. Another punk rock song about cars. The bandmembers influences really shine through on this track. Low-fi at its best.

"Surf Roach"

Grunt Part II?

I had alot of fun listening to this album to write this review. Thanks for reading, and see ya next time!

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