Thursday, March 6, 2008

Where is Chinese Democracy from Axl Rose and Guns N Roses?

Where is Chinese Democracy album from Axl Rose and Guns N Roses?

In December of 2006, Axl Rose released a statement of a "tentative release date" for Chinese Democracy on the 6th of March 2007. It was mentioned that concert shows in California had to be canceled in order to try and meet this release date. The statement also said that the band was going to do everything in its power to meet this date……….

Well guess what year it is? yes it’s 2008! And guess what month it is? Yes it’s March. And at the time of writing this, its March 5th 2008, and yes tomorrow it will be March 6th 2008, a year on from that tentative release date.

Still no official statement has been released from the Guns N Roses camp since December 2006 as to what is happening. All that has been released in recent weeks is speculation like any other year. Apparently the album is complete and it has been handed into Geffen, Universal or whoever is the label these days and that Axl is looking for more money to promote his album.

It’s difficult to believe anything anymore relating to the name Guns N Roses. It’s almost like a brand name that has been torn apart. Everything that it has represented is diminishing the more time that passes. The only thing that keeps this name intact is the memory of what the original band was, the years of appetite, illusion’s and lies.

All people hear these days about Guns N Roses, is an album release, it’s coming out….it’s coming soon….chicken coup’s,…..bucket head’s…..tentative release date’s…..most expensive album ever made….canceled shows….it’s finished but……Years pass by and nothing ever happens. It used to be so easy for Guns N Roses to make music, this was a band who used to create their greatest tunes over a few days. Yet this complex record just goes on and on.

The question still remains though after 17 years without any original album.

Where is Chinese Democracy?

A little respect goes a long way with the fans. Its just common courtesy to say "look this is what is happening everyone." All that has been happening so far, is nothing but disrespect. Fans spend their hard earned money to make this band what it is, and all you get back in return is a lack of information.

Time will tell whether this band is still relevant, purposeful or has any reason to be still around. To be frank about things, it’s gotten to the stage that people have either forgotten or do not really care anymore. It’s sad but it is fact.


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