Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Adler Paves the Way for GN'R Reunion

[The following article is quoted here verbatim from an online Las Vegas Gossip Site - Mack Arillo makes no claim to its veracity.]
Will lightning strike twice? first step taken for GUNS N' ROSES

Are you ready for a full-throttle, all-out, Guns N' Roses reunion? With Axl, Slash, Izzy, Duff and Steve Adler?

It’s coming.

Watch the skies.

That’s right. The band -- formed in LA in 1985 – is expected to be firing on all cylinders when it unveils it’s “All Star” lineup in the coming months. Guns N' Roses has released five studio albums, two EPs, one live album, and three music video DVDs and sold an estimated 90 million albums worldwide – 40 million of it in the US -- but its story is far from over.

Adler’s stint in Dr. Drew’s TV rehab cleared the way for him to get back on board with the band and get really serious. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements in the next few months.

You will NEVER believe where they’re going to perform.
Can’t tell you any more than that just yet.

But it’s going to rock.

I promise you.

Source: The Vegas Eye

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