Monday, June 16, 2008

Mama Adler's Sniff and Tell

According to this eBay listing, Deanna Adler — the mother of original GN'R drummer Steven Adler — is selling "a luxurious strip-view Las Vegas condominium . . . in the prime location of the prestigious Las Vegas Country Club, a place that Steven Adler could call 'home.'

This is a truly exciting opportunity for anyone who wishes to not only live in the heart of Sin City, but to own a piece of and experience rock royalty lifestyle." The starting bid is $750,000.

There are currently zero bids on this piece of property.

According to a posting on the eBay auction page, "Deanna is relocating to Los Angeles as she puts the finishing touches on the book 'No Bed of Roses', a much-anticipated tell-all which documents the rise of her son in the most exciting rock band of all time."

Source: AntiMusic

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