Sunday, June 8, 2008

Science Faxtion Debut Due Aug 5

Guns N' Roses 2002 Alumni Buckethead and Brain are teaming up with the legendary Bootsy Collins again.

Science Faxtion, will be releasing their debut, Living on Another Frequency, on August 5.

It's actually supposed to be a really good album.

Rhythm guitarist Greg Hampton explains. "Buckethead, Bootsy, and I wrote the songs. There's twelve songs on the record, and the thirteenth is more of a 'musical theme,' with no vocals — it's a dialogue piece. Seven of the songs I'm singing the lead vocals on, some songs Bootsy and I share some of the vocals, and then there are other songs where Bootsy sings. As far as musically, it grooves, but it's definitely a serious rock record."

"'Looking for Eden' was really the first song we had written — it just grooved. It's like Audioslave meets Nine Inch Nails 2099. It has some dialogue with Bootsy and it has Bootsy singing the bridge. And Buckethead plays the most amazing lead parts on that song. The whole song has everything you need from a great rock song. The hook in the lyric and the vocal, great singing, but amazing guitar parts throughout it. Buckethead absolutely shreds on it, but he plays some really tasteful stuff."

Other standouts include "Life is in Deliver" ("Buckethead plays a crazy solo on it at the end — it's a real chuggin' song"), "What It Is" (which features a special guest appearance from Public Enemy's Chuck D), and "I See Rockets" (a track which Hampton compares Buckethead's playing to the great Jimi Hendrix), among others.

"Bootsy right now is doing a 'Tribute to James Brown' tour, Buckethead is out doing a solo run right now. We've talked about doing some Science Faxtion dates closer to September or October. We'll hopefully do 30 or 40 dates and then see how it goes from there. We will have some surprise guests come out with us."

Source: Blabbermouth

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