Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Incognito Talks Chinese Democracy

Man Offers Big Bucks To Charity To Hear Chinese Democracy
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CR: Incognito, you've currently made a public challenge via the web to Axl Rose and/ or his management to leak a new demo from the long-awaited Guns N' Roses comeback album Chinese Democracy?

You've stated that if this request be granted, you would donate $1,500 to the charity of their choice. What exactly brought this bizarre request on?

Inc: Umm.. well, it's been a long time since Axl released the last Guns N' Roses album.

In fact, when I first heard that the new Guns N' Roses album was titled Chinese Democracy, I was in college. I'm now thirty years old. It seems as though every year since the turn of the millenium we've been told that this album is coming out.

Every year ends the same. Nothing.

CR: Right?

Inc: Well, I just honestly want to hear some new Guns N' Roses music. I mean, this has been going on for a long, long time now. Didn't Axl himself describe this process as a nightmare that's been played out for over a decade?

Well, guess what? His fans feels exactly the same. The demos sound great, hands down better than anything to hit the mainstream media in the past decade. It's time. Believe me, there are alot of other fans out there who feel exactly the same.

Plus, I'm really getting sick and tired of Baz telling us how great this album is already.

CR: (Laughs) Fair Enough. Although, you are the only fan thus far who has actually decided to publically challenge Axl. Don't you think Dr. Pepper's challenge to him was enough?

Inc: What if he doesn't like Dr. Pepper?

CR: (Laughs) Again, fair enough.

CR: There have been rumors circulating online that you have been able to secure a demo or two from this album that the majority of the general public hasn't heard. Is this true? If so, how do they sound?

Inc: I'd prefer not to speculate or offer opinions on these accusations at this time.

CR: Have you heard anything so far from the GN'R camp or Axl himself?

Inc: Umm... no. Not exactly.

CR: Do you personally believe Axl will accept your offer?

Inc: Well...(pauses), originally I would have said no, but the more I think about it ... why not? I mean, if the album really is being negotiated, and it really is near release (as it's been rumored)... why not?

You know, I can't see any logical reason why he couldn't do this for his fanbase, not to mention that this money would go to a good cause. Does he owe myself or any of his other fans anything? Of course not. According to insiders from his camp,there's a good chance the album will come out this year anyway.

He supposedly has 50-60 songs and they have been described as "mind blowing epic." If all this is true, this one demo won't mean anything by the end of the year. We'll be rocking to the real deal. Right?

CR: Ok. There has been a lot of debate as to what your real motive is here. Are you actually trying to get a new song, or is this more about proving that the album isn't coming out anytime soon?

Inc: You know, it is what it is. I think ultimately the outcome of this challenge will say alot about where we really are concerning a release. Axl will still be my favorite frontman even if he doesn't come through on this, but instead of speculating I prefer to wait and see what he decides.

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