Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Lost Rose Tattoo Album

Undercover Australia is reporting that Rose Tattoo will finally release their "lost album" from 1980.
"In between the first album in 1977, featuring 'Bad Boy For Love' and 'Assault and Battery' in 1981, Rose Tattoo recorded a complete album in Los Angeles that to this day has not been released.

For the last 28 years, the completed album has been filed away, unreleased and most likely forgotten, except by one man. Aztec Records founder Gil Matthews tells Undercover that he is planning on putting the album into the hands of the fans.

The album is certainly of historical significance. It featured both Lobby Loyde and Billy Thorpe.

At the time, Thorpe was living in Los Angeles and had just had a massive American hit with the 'Children of the Sun' album.

The Tatt's album was recorded in LA so that Thorpe could be a part of it and was to be the follow-up to the self-titled debut.

Considering the line-up of Rose Tattoo, Billy Thorpe and Lobby Loyde, you would think that it would have been an easy release but it just didn't happen. Rose Tattoo's record label at the time, Albert Productions, didn't like the album and wouldn't release it.

After rejecting the album, the band went back to the studio and the result was 'Assault and Battery', which lacked the bite of the debut and failed to produce any hits."
You can watch Angry Anderson and Rose Tattoo play their classic, "Nice Boys," below.

Source: Undercover Australia

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