Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Download '06

Metal Hammer has an article today about Guns N' Roses' 2006 performance at the Download Festival in 2006.
Was it classic or calamitous? Make your own mind up...

With Download a mere two days away, we're visiting the Download Vaults and bringing you some classic performances from Download yesteryear.

Whatever you may have thought about Axl and friends playing the Download festival in 2006, one thing that you have to say about the performance was that it was very, very memorable.

From Axl actually making it on time to storming off in the middle of songs, berating the soundman and the festivals organizers and even finding time to play some of rock music's most classic material to a debatable standard.

Make up your own mind after watching this performance of Paradise City with none other than original GnR axe man Izzy Stradlin.

Download Festival takes place this weekend June 13th-15th.

Source: Metal Hammer

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