Monday, June 30, 2008


Kevin Skwerl at AntiQuiet posted an editorial yesterday regarding the mainstream media's reporting on the June 18th incident in which he leaked 9 songs from the upcoming Guns N' Roses album, Chinese Democracy. Skwerl says,
"I was quoted as referring to the first FBI visit as “kind of an ambush.” The truth is, the two FBI Special Agents were very discreet, and no one at my office even knew who they were or who they were there for, until I told them after in a brief, private heads-up. I was quoted as saying that it was “creepy” that they knew where I worked. I’m not an idiot, my resumé is easily found online and they’re the fuckin’ FBI. Andy was asking me silly things like “wasn’t that creepy, that they knew where you worked?” And if I said, “kinda, but…” he took it as a yes. Furthermore, not that Rolling Stone contradicted this, but to be clear, I invited them to my apartment the following day, picking the time myself, and gave them the files they were after. They didn’t bust in and raid my shit. Both encounters were mutually respectful."
You can read the full editorial here.

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