Friday, June 13, 2008

Meg White Surprises With Raconteurs

The White Stripes returned to the stage on June 8 in Detroit, but alas, they didn't play any music.

Coming back from the encore break of the Raconteurs' concert at the Fillmore-Detroit, Jack White was accompanied by ex-wife(?) and White Stripes drummer Meg White, who sat at Patrick Keeler's drumkit and tapped on a few of the drums.

The audience in the Stripes' home town not surprisingly went nuts, thinking it was about to see a surprise performance by the duo. But when the rest of the Raconteurs returned to the stage, with Brendan Benson shouting "Whoa...wrong band!," Meg got up and walked off, leaving the band to its encore.

The Stripes, who formed in 1997 in Detroit, have been off the road since September, when Meg's "acute anxiety" forced the band to cancel dates in North America and the U.K. But Jack has said the duo has already started working on its seventh studio album.

Source: Billboard

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