Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Phish to Record New Album With Steve Lillywhite

According to an Jamtopia, Phish is planning to record a new album with Billy Breathes producer Steve Lillywhite.

Phish hasn't played together since August 2004 when they went down in flames at the Coventry Festival in their home state of Vermont.

Trey Anastasio has made some comments in the press lately that have fueled the "reunion" rumors.

All four members of the band were on stage together last month to accept a lifetime achievement award from the Jammys, but they didn't perform or address the possibility of a reunion.

Steve Lillywhite's spokesperson offered a "no comment."

Currently, Steve Lillywhite is in Dublin recording with U2, who he's collaborated with for 28 years.

You can watch Phish performing "Piper" at the Miami Arena in 2003 below.

Source: Billboard

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