Sunday, June 15, 2008

Slash and Ozzy on New Alice Cooper Disc

Ozzy Osbourne and Slash are set to appear on the new Alice Cooper disc, Along Came a Spider.

Ozzy plays harmonica on "Vengeance Is Mine," a track he co-wrote with Alice, and Slash plays lead guitar.

Alice revealed details of his 25th studio album on his radio show, Nights With Alice Cooper: "It is a dark and menacing album for dark and menacing times"

The songs are told through the voice of a serial killer named Spider - one that Alice describes as "an arachnophobic psychopath".

Alice told that his forthcoming LP is "a real 'Alice' album. Conceptually, it's going to be pretty interesting."

The album is based on a fictional serial killer named Spider, who wraps his victims in a silk web. "Every song is sort of a letter to the police," he explains. "They think they're investigating it from the outside, but he's actually woven them into the whole thing."

The album is due out on July 29th.

Source: Sleaze Roxx

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