Saturday, March 24, 2012

GunsNFNRoses Release "Locomotive" Cover

GNFNR cover Locomotive

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Released: 23rd of March 2012

Mixed and produced by: evader


01. Conor
02. SOB
03. GNRSkidRow1
04. Sleeping Like an Angel (High) with Black Sabbath (Deep) and AxlisOld (Mid)
05. Chorus: SLAA, Black Sabbath, Conor, SOB, GNRSkidRow1 and AxlisOld
06a. evader (with a major assist from AxlisOld)
06b. Bacardi (who would be all of part 6 if I could still click; also with some LLTJ)
07. LL_TJ1
08. JellyZero79
09. AxlisOld (High, Mid) with EstrangedTWAT (Deep, Mid)
10. Chorus: Same as 09, but I think I also have some Conor in there too
11. SLAA vs. AxlisOld
12. Chorus: SLAA, AxlisOld, EstrangedTWAT, Conor, SOB, Black Sabbath, GNRSkidRow
13. Outro: (19 tracks) JellyZero, GNRSkidRow, EstrangedTWAT, SOB, Bacardi, SLAA, AxlisOld, Conor

Well done to everyone involved especially evader who mixed and produced the masterpiece.

GNFNR - Loco Teaser from evaderGNR on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for more GNFNR covers. "Chinese Democracy" coming soon.

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