Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Clash Live on PBS

This March, PBS stations nationwide will premiere The Clash Live: Revolution Rock, a new documentary film chronicling live performances from the iconic punk pioneers at the peak of their powers. A preview of the April 15 DVD release, this is a real tribute to the band's electric LIVE PERFORMANCES, and something you won't want to miss.

The Clash Live: Revolution Rock DVD follows the live transformation of the band, incorporating footage from all phases of The Clash's meteoric career, beginning with live-in-the-studio clips from 1979, through triumphant concerts from clubland (London's The Music Machine, 1978) and theatres (The Lyceum, 1978, 1980), climaxing with a transcendent blow-out performance at New York's Shea Stadium in 1982. The DVD also includes rare footage of the band's performance on The Tom Snyder Show and on ABC's Fridays.

Tracklisting (not final):

Complete Control – Music Machine, London 1978

White Riot – live in studio, 1976

London's Burning – live in studio, 1976

English Civil War – London Lyceum, January 79

I Fought The Law – London Lyceum, January 79

Tommy Gun – live in studio, 1978

Safe European Home – Music Machine, London 1978

What's My Name - Music Machine, London 1978

Guns Of Brixton – "Fridays" April 1980

Train In Vain – Lewisham Odeon, February 1980

Clampdown – London Lyceum, Feb 1980

Police & Thieves – Aylesbury Friars, 1980

London Calling – Bonds, New York 1981

Magnificent Seven – Tom Snyder Show, June 1981

This Is Radio Clash Tom Snyder Show, June 1981

Should I Stay Or Should I Go – Shea Stadium, Oct 1982

Career Opportunities – Shea Stadium, October 1982

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SOURCE: AntiMusic

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