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"Prostitute" is a title mentioned in numerous articles, and was seen on a picture of a setlist, which briefly appeared on the band's official website.

According to Paul Buckmaster's official discography/list of credits, he has served as the arranger and conductor on the tracks "The Blues", "There Was a Time", "Madagascar" and "Prostitute."

Paul Buckmaster had this to say about the song,
It's a mid-up, kind of biting 4 minute song with an aggressive rhythm section. The way I wrote for the string section (32-piece, consisting of ten 1st Violins, eight 2nd Violins, six violas, and eight cellos) gave the song another dimension. The song is powerful, like fire and ice.

"Prostitute" is very likely to be on Chinese Democracy. The song goes back to 1996, and it was first confirmed by Kerrang in 1999.
Over the next 12 months, the band apparently recorded 30 songs for the album, continually reworking them. Tracks recorded were said to include "Prostitute", "Cock-A-Roach Soup", "This I Love", "Suckerpunched", "No Love Remains", "Friend or Foe", "Zip It", "Something Always", "Hearts Get Killed" and "Closing in on You."

Depending on who you believe, they veered from techno-industrial rock to old-style Guns sleaze. Matt Sorum revealed Axl’s love of samples and loops; contrarily, Chris Vrenna stated "I have a feeling it’s gonna be more like Appetite, than anyone is expecting."

The producer, Youth, also worked on "Prostitute." This was early in the process of the recording of Chinese Democracy. Youth tried to make Axl work on music, but there was little progress.

Youth said Axl was working on a song called 'Prostitute', which is a working title and everything was going real slow.

If you search YouTube, you can find a few "Prostitute" fakes here and here.

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