Friday, February 22, 2008

Marc Canter: "I’ve heard Chinese Democracy and it’s great."

Having been so close to the band right from the start, how do you feel about they way evolved over the years into the Use Your Illusion albums? Do you have any thoughts about Velvet Revolver? Do you have any thoughts about Axl’s “new”‘ Guns N’ Roses?

The Use Your Illusion albums were a big change from Appetite For Destruction. The songs were put together a lot different. The guys no longer were living together and some of them had studios in their homes. Sometimes a song would be brought to the band already recorded and then lyrics would later be written. Also Slash was able to put some magic to songs that Axl came up this time like “November Rain” and “Estranged.”

Now they had some money in their pockets and had a nice place to live,so the tension from living on the streets was gone. They were 5 years older. The songs for Appetite were put together in 1985. When Izzy left I knew there were going to be some problems in the way that the band was going to write songs. Izzy was a great song starter.

I was disappointed when that lineup fell apart but now years later Axl has like 50 songs with the new band. I’ve heard Chinese Democracy and it’s great. Axl has toured around the world and always gives his best show live. Slash, Duff, and Matt put out 2great records with Velvet Revolver and are touring the world. So there all doing well.

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