Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Steve-O Wants Rap Battle With K-Fed

TV prankster Steve-O is embarking on a new career as a rapper - and has challenged fellow hip-hop wannabe Kevin Federline to a rap war to prove his talent.

The former Jackass star has written a track attacking Britney Spears' ex-husband for his new album Hard as a Rock - and he wants to set up a lyrical battle with Federline, whose own rap career flopped after the release of his 2006 LP Playing With Fire.

Steve-O says, "I'm officially challenging K-Fed to a rap battle. It'll be just like that scene from 8 Mile! I know that K-Fed has his 'acting' career and all, but if he's a real man, he'll step up and battle me!"

For instructions on how to survive a rap battle click here.

SOURCE: StarPulse

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