Monday, February 18, 2008

Steve Riley: "The Other LA GUNS Is A Band Of Scrubs" interviewed LA Guns drummer Steve Riley about the battle between competing incarnations of LA Guns.

He had this to say.

210sa: Do you ever want to have a battle of the bands with the other L.A. Guns and just settle it once and for all?

SR: It would be no contest. If you're an L.A. Guns fan or even a casual fan, you'll still notice the difference pretty immediately. ..... There are certain techniques that Phil used, and it's hard to duplicate that. As for L.A. Guns, the other one will peter out. People are becoming aware that it sounds really bad. We're fighting the fight right now, and it's childish, but we have to sort of stick our nose in it right now because people want to know what we think. The reality is that (the other L.A. Guns) is a band of scrubs, and this band is the one with the original singer and drummer. We sound like our records. They sound like a band trying to sound like L.A. Guns.

You can read the entire interview here.

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