Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Van Halen Family Gets into Domestic Squabble

Van Halen mysteriously cancelled two US shows last week after a fight between band members at a nightclub.

Van Halen's fan website has two 'unsubstantiated reports' that the members of Van Halen were in a bar called Rapture in downtown Charlottesville on Thursday, February 21.

Bassist Wolfgang Van Halen - son of guitarist Eddie - allegedly got into some kind of 'altercation', which precipitated fighting within the band. The squabble reportedly got heated and this apparently caused the abrupt postponement of the shows in Charlottesville and Atlanta.

However, the nightclub in question denies the band were present, only members of the VH roadcrew.

Sarah Oppenheimer, a server at Rapture and longtime Van Halen fan, said she spoke to the crew members who were there. "They were being nice, docile people," she said.

Oppenheimer also said there were no band members at Rapture and there was no fight, although "they [the roadcrew members] were nervous anyway that the show would be cancelled".

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