Monday, April 13, 2009

BEST BUY Exclusive About to Expire?

Today we saw the arrival of the new album art for Chinese Democracy via the Rock Band 2 videogame.

The next likely move is the expiration of BEST BUY's exclusive on the record.

We'll see what happens next. A tour is definitely in the works.

Will we see a re-release of the album with enhanced artwork, a new booklet, the two alternate covers and an additional track ("Atlas Shrugged")?

Will we see the "Better" video?

When will we begin to see dates for the international tour?


Anonymous said...

dilligaf said...

so mack, do you think we might see some 'surprise' shows once tour rehearsals wind up?

wouldnt hold my breath on the better video. surely it would make more sense to release another song such as street of dreams as a single with a video to go along with it.

Anonymous said...

July 12, 2009 PNE Coliseumm, Vancouver, BC