Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Izzy Stradlin is 47

Izzy Stradlin was born Jeffery Dean Isbell on April 8, 1962 in Lafayette, Indiana.

He was a childhood friend of Axl Rose.

Rose later who followed Izzy to Los Angeles where they played together in the bands A.X.L., Hollywood Rose, and of course Guns N' Roses.

Izzy played rhythm guitar, and wrote many of the band's most well-known songs, including the hits "Patience" and "You Could Be Mine."

Izzy left GN'R in 1991 to begin his solo career. He went on to release 9 albums and 2 EPs in the ensuing years.

His most recent effort, Concrete, is available exclusively at the iTunes music store.

You can learn more about Izzy on the [un]Official fansite ChopAway.com

Izzy - We Love You - Happy Freakin' Birthday, Man


Lutesha said...

happy birthday Izz!

Anonymous said...

I can't really imagine someone less interested or less probable to check blogs like izzy, but...
congratulations, happy 47!thanx for doing music and inspiring people around you.