Friday, April 24, 2009

The Latest News from Slash

Hard at work in the studio, we are 6 tracks into it & it sounds really great, great playing & super killer tones, not to mention stellar vocals so far. I'm still not at liberty to publically divulge any singer's names, but trust me, they're amazing. I know a lot of you out there know who at least some of them are.

I will however, give you working titles for a couple songs; "We're All Gonna Die" is one, "These Last Words" is another. There is one song called "Crucify the Dead" & another called "Beautiful, Dangerous." We have about 8 songs left to record & I'm really excited about every one.

On the VR front, not a whole lot news to report singerwise, which is a drag. But, this is one of those situations where just when you're ready to give up, something great happens. So, we're hanging in there until then, no matter what.

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