Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Don't Be A Dick

Appetite for Discussion
Interview with Richard Fortus

What's your favorite track from Chinese Democracy; what about GN'R in general?

Favorite track from CD is probably "Chinese," but it's hard to say and changes often. As far as a favorite GN'R track ... It's one YOU haven't heard yet!

You can read the entire interview here.

As a fan, I find comments like the above particularly insensitive considering Axl's comments regarding the follow-up album, "have no idea and don't care. Hopefully, we'll be working Chinese for a good bit. Of course there's the same idiots that have been around forever already demanding release dates."

Maybe Dick shouldn't be such a tease.

Thanks for the interview ... I guess.


Anonymous said...

I doubt 4tus is gonna fuck up his meal ticket by actually telling the fans anything.

Mack Arillo said...

I'm used to the brand members not telling us anything. It's the hyping and overselling of the unreleased material that I take offense with.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he was just trying to give you a little hope.

If you don't want to beat around the bush, ask your question point blank.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I think it was a little about trying to promote hope, but when you view the comment in the light of Axl's comments about CD2 it does seem a bit insensitive!

Man what is it with this band?

Anonymous said...

"Man what is it with this band?"

It's the euphoria and the drama. It's the musical brilliance it can achieve, without even wanting to do it or work.
And it's mainly the fact that axl does not want to create in whatever conditions and context he's in. So fuck all the rest, hired hands, company, management...he's doing it in his own terms - no matter how intelligible they are 4 the most of us - and won't lift a finger in a near future.

Again reverse the prostitute lyrics bit and you "Enjoy them (the songs, i'm guessing) just for you / don't ask me to". Remember how he said in a interview that the order by which the songs are presented in the cd was intentional? I'm guessing "prostitute" will be the last of what we'll hear - formally anyway - by Guns N' Roses. It's a good bye speech from Axl and a statement explaining the last 15 years, the way he sees it anyway. And he goes mea culpa for his own share.

well, just my 2 cents.