Monday, July 6, 2009

Nardwuar the Human Serviette

My good friend Patrick recently turned me on to indie-rock expert Nardwuar, and his unique brand of Guerrilla journalism / "taking the piss." I'm amused.

"Who are you?"

Speaking of Duff, he blogged recently that he lost a bag at the airport, and it got me thinking - what would happen if Axl's luggage got misplaced? Does Axl carry around CDs of unreleased material? Is this the only way we'll ever hear "Atlas Shrugged" or "The General"? Personally, I don't check my bags - I always do carry-on. I don't trust anyone with my stuff.

Finally, I want to say "hola" to my readers at the ROCKIN' SLASH FORUM. Gracias Juan Manuel.


Cosmoscape said...

Oh Nardwuar. <3 Canada's pride and joy. Him and George Stroumboulopoulos.

LV-JMP said...

Thanks for the "hola" Mack!!!

Javier said...

Here from Rockin´ Slash Forum ! Thanks for naming us !!!
Byeee :D

Anonymous said...

wow dude. thanks for getting me to waste hours on youtube discovering nardwuar. good stuff.