Tuesday, July 7, 2009

He's Back

"Was working on posting a new song of mine on songsbymister.com, and while I was working I started receiving a series of bizarre PMs on my message board, explained best here ..."

"I've been out of the loop for a while. Maybe you guys can help me. The help I need is ...

If word doesn't travel that I have this stuff, I'll never be able to trade it. There are more songs out there, people have them, but I'm very out of the loop. I got the (Rock Band II) multitracks like everyone wanted, now it's time to turn them into something else.

The timing for me couldn't have been better as I really want people to hear my new songs and a lot of people seem to be checking out www.songsbymister.com for the first time due to this stuff.

When I first started getting the files, I thought they were fake for sure, but then my drummer figured out how to make it work and I was like "oh fuck."

Hope to have more GN'R info soon guys. First I gotta wait for the hoarders to come to me. May take longer than I'd hoped for word to spread that my contacts at Electronic Arts have finally paid off."

-Mister Saint Laurent (MSL)

You can check out some new (and old) songs by MSL at songsbymister.com

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ondrejdockal@gmail(dot)com said...

I've missed it:(.What was on that MSL's vid?