Thursday, July 16, 2009

Failure to Communicate

Dj Ashba: Out of respect for GN'R all your questions will be answered, I promise, I'm not the man to give those answers :) I hope you understand

If you weren't there for the chat last night - don't worry - you didn't miss anything.
I won't be posting a transcript here.
I did find out that DJ Ashba has indeed met Axl Rose.

Otherwise, I'm feeling like Luke Jackson this morning.


Anonymous said...

you get in a barfight last night or something?

Anonymous said...

What about Franky? Guess you were wrong about that too. VR confirmed they don't have a singer.

Anonymous said...

1 word for DJ ASbha and all the process of hiring another guitar player: PATHETIC.

NIN are done playing live shows. Axl, get your shit together and GO GET FINCK BACK!