Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Slash on Idol's "Rock Week" (Tuesday Recap)

Slash on American Idol.

After the opening hoopla, host Ryan Seacrest introduced Slash and they showed a photo montage of the guitarist's career. While Ryan brought the public up-to-date with details on "Slash's first ever 'solo' album," the photo montage showed Fergie, Ozzy Osbourne, and Steven Tyler.

They showed rehearsal footage of Slash and his band (Tommy Clufetos, Chris Chaney and Kerri Kelli) jamming with the Idols on the Sunset Strip.

Tommy Clufetos looks like a madman on the drums.

Thank God, Adam Lambert didn't sing "Welcome to the Jungle."

Adam is fantastic - he really did "Whole Lotta Love" justice - especially the middle part.

Judge Kara DioGuardi compared him to Nine Inch Nails and said he should do an album with Slash.

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Anonymous said...

"Thank God, Adam Lambert didn't sing "Welcome to the Jungle."

I thank god as well. One american idiot for the night is quite enough.