Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dateline: 2010 Happy New Year to Everyone!!

"For most '09 was a rough one n' unfortunately for many that's obviously a bit more than an understatement.

Here's to a better go at things here in 2010, a light at the end of the tunnel, a bit of hope n' a better future for all!!

Remember: Whatever your road in life is, how spot on or far off course you may be you damn well made it this far!!


Give yourself a big phat pat on the fucking back!!

May you find whatever it is that you n' your's need most in your lives.

Thanks again for your support!!

God Bless n' Take Care!!

All the best...

(You bunch o' downloadin' motherfuckers!!),


Happy New Year!! All the best to every1 (even u Menacho!)"

-Axl n' Guns N' Roses


Anonymous said...

the n' thing is stupid n' lame.

Anonymous said...

Axl is trying to relate to the kids...

Anonymous said...

yeah, right, like Guns n' Roses doesn't have A " ' " in it!